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Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2013

Making improvements in your home is a great way to enhance its beauty. On top of that, if you are considering resale value, remodeling is a must. With the top bathroom remodeling trends of 2013, you are sure to create a look that is perfect.

Keep Your Towels Warm with Electric Towel Warmers

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Electric Towel Warmers

The Old: Plain towel hangers that keep your towel cold are a thing of the ice age.

The New: Imagine a warm towel waiting for you every single time you get out of the shower. Electric towel warmers attach to the wall, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Save Water and Energy with Eco-Friendly Options

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Eco-Friendly Options

The Old: Traditional toilets that use tons of water for each flush, and lightbulbs that kill your electricity bill.

The New: From energy-efficient light bulbs to low-flow toilets, bathrooms are a great option when trying to decrease your carbon footprint. With water-saving options such as faucets with water flow control, you can easily do your part to save the planet.

Keep the Colors Neutral, Most of the Time

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Neutral & Natural Colors

The Old: Bright, garish colors on the walls and floors are so 2010.

The New: In 2013, one of the biggest trends in the bathroom is neutral, natural colors. Wall color, accessories, and even major fixtures should be in shades of white, off-white, brown, and grey. Add a splash of color with bright towels that complement your color scheme to add an element to the bathroom that makes it stand out.

Natural Accents are a Must Have

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Natural Accents

The Old: Utilitarian accessories, paintings, and metalic accessories used to adorn bathrooms everywhere.

The New: This year there is a big push toward natural looks. Adding a pebble countertop, a bamboo wall hanging, or even faux wood tiles in your bathroom can help it seem much more at peace with the world.

Light it Up

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: LED Lighting

The Old: Garish lighting that makes you feel like you are stepping on stage is a thing of the 90s. Catch up!

The New: Make sure your bathroom is beautifully lit. Natural light, good light bulbs, and candles are all important pieces to having a bathroom that is well-lit this year. Lighting extends to the shower. With LED multi-colored lighted shower heads, you will ensure that you are staying up-to-date on the latest lighting trends.

Traditional Sinks are Out, Basin Sinks are In

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Basin Sinks

The Old: Does your sink fall into the counter or vanity? If so, replace it immediately.

The New: Basin sinks that sit on top of the counter or vanity are one of this year’s hottest trends. There are a variety of styles, from simple ceramic bowls to large shell-style basins.

Tile Craze is Still the Rage

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Tile

The Old: 2012 brought the love of tiles to the bathroom.

The New: If you loved last year’s tile craze, you are in luck. Tiles are still all the rage, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. As a backsplash, flooring option, and shower enclosure, multi-colored tiles are a great way to add texture to an otherwise plain bathroom.

Minimalist in the Bathroom

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: The Minimalist Look

The Old: Cluttered spaces, cabinets, large medicine cabinets, and everything on the counters makes a bathroom look well-used, but old.

The New: The bathroom of today is stylishly bare. There should not be things cluttering the counters. It is important to have good storage in your bathroom, but make sure it blends in.

Leave the Accessories

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Accessories

The Old: Going too bare is a fashion faux pas.

The New: Even though you want the bathroom to be minimalistic, don’t take away everything. A candle left on the counter or a vase with a single bud makes the room enticing. A nook is the perfect way to minimize yet accessorize.

Walk-in Showers are Beautiful and Trendy

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Walk-In Showers

The Old: Combined bathtub/showers started making their way out of bathrooms in 2008.

The New: When you have a beautiful walk-in shower, it says you know luxury. For an added bonus, a shower seat turns your simple shower into a sauna-like enclosure.

Freestanding Tubs are Making a Comeback

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Freestanding Tubs

The Old: Single bathing enclosures attached to the wall keep you constrained to a specific look.

The New: Once upon a time, freestanding bathtubs were all the rage. Luckily, they are again. You can go with the traditional rectangular bathtub or find something a little more fun. Oval and square tubs are new and interesting this year.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Mirrors

The Old: Small mirrors and medicine cabinets over the sink are gone, never to be seen again.

The New: Do you love mirrors? Trendy bathrooms in 2013 do. From free-standing full-length mirrors, to countertop-to-ceiling reflections, mirrors are a must-have this year. Mirrors enhances the look and feel of bathrooms big and small.

Make Sure Your Hardware Shines

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Bathroom Hardware

The Old: Sink faucets and handles made of chrome are on their way out the door.

The New: Sink faucets, toilet handles, and shower knobs should all be made of the same material. However, what material you choose is important. Be on the upswing of a trend and switch over to brass. The bright color accents well in nearly any bathroom and it’s a simple change to make.

Wall Mount Your Toilet

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Wall-Mounted Toilets

The Old: Don't keep your toilet on a pedestal.

The New: If you don’t already have a low-flush toilet, make that a priority. However, the biggest trend in toilets this year is the wall mount. Wall mounting the toilet gives it a simplistic look, and helps draw attention to the rest of the room, instead of claiming it all.

Bring Home the Spa

2013 Bathroom Remodeling Trend: The Spa Look

The Old: Chrome and hard lines have been replaced. The 'futuristic' look is a thing of the past.

The New: The overall feel for this year’s bathroom is spa. Luxury is the spice of life and to have the perfect bathroom for 2013, you need to spice it up. Heated floors, plush towels, and live plants all help to create a spa-feel right in your own home.

Natural tones, simplistic looks, and luxury ideals are the buzz-words for the bathroom of 2013. What trend do you most look forward to in your remodel?

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