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Get Inspired! 10 Cabinet Solutions to Maximize Space


There are countless factors that go into creating a functional, stylish kitchen that you actually enjoy spending time in. From the counter tops to flooring to the appliances, all of the features of your kitchen play an important role, but cabinets are at the top of the list when it comes to function, convenience, and storage.

Whether you have a small gallery kitchen or a sprawling layout, everyone can benefit from learning creative ways to maximize the space with innovative cabinet solutions. Consider these 10 fantastic ideas to inspire you when you’re ready to redesign your kitchen or plan an upcoming remodel:

1. Take Your Cabinets Up—Not Out

Many kitchens have walls of cabinets in order to get enough storage space for everyday use, but that’s not always feasible in smaller spaces. Instead of going out, go up with your cabinets! Tall, vertical cabinets that reach to the ceiling are both on-trend and highly functional, and the higher shelves make a perfect space to store all of those kitchen items that you only use on a rare basis.

2. Utilize Awkward Nooks and Crannies

Do you have an out-of-the-box layout in your kitchen? Often, kitchen have a small nook, corner, or angle that isn’t quite right for standard cabinets, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave the space untouched. Make it functional and give your room a focal point by creating a desk space with organizational cabinets that let you store cookbooks, important paperwork, and other small items. As a bonus, it will also help you keep your counters cleared of clutter!

3. Double the Storage of Corner Cabinets

If you have an L-shaped layout in your kitchen, chances are that you have corner cabinets that are both useful and frustrating to keep organized. These cabinets can make it difficult to reach items shoved to the back, but there are ingenious ways to make more of the space. Consider adding a pullout to your corner cabinet! This effectively doubles the interior storage space and allows you to have easier access to essential items.

4. Turn Unused Features Into a Focal Point

Sometimes older home construction leaves you with nonfunctional features in your kitchen that seem to just take up space instead of serving a purpose, such as an old fireplace that no longer sees any use. If you want to maximize storage, transform it by installing additional cabinets right in the opening! Not only will this make the room stand out, but it gives you the space you need without any major construction.

5. Carve Out Shelving in Unusual Places

Most kitchens have bulkheads jutting out from the ceiling that cover up the plumbing, electrical, and supports for the room, so why not make the most of them? With a little creativity, you can open up the bulkhead with shelving and open cabinet space that adds a decorative and functional touch without affecting the integrity of your home’s structure.

6. Stack the Storage in Your Drawers

Deep drawers in the kitchen can be a useful feature of your cabinets, but they can also become a black hole of mismatched utensils and unused items. Organize the space and create an effective storage solution by incorporating a secret drawer! By doubling-up the drawers within a single pull-out drawer, you can organize all of your items without changing the entire look of the cabinet fronts.

7. Suspend Your Cabinet Additions

Are you out of wall room to hang more cabinets, but you’re in desperate need of additional storage? Suspending your cabinets from the ceiling is not only functional—it also adds a modern, sleek, and innovative touch to your kitchen. As an added bonus, the open space above and below the suspended cabinets keeps the room light and airy by avoiding a wall that completely blocks off the space.

8. Add a Functional Island

When it comes down to it, you can never have too many cabinets in your kitchen, and for larger rooms with an open floor plan, adding a kitchen island is a smart investment. Strategically position your island near the working areas of your kitchen for convenient prep and serving, and utilize the bottom of your island by having drawers and cabinets installed for hidden storage and functionality.

9. Create a Pantry Cabinet

When your kitchen has a tall, narrow area that is underutilized, pantries are the ideal cabinet addition for a seamless look and maximized storage. Whether you’re filling an awkward nook or blending your pantry into your existing features, you can also save space by choosing a pantry with sliding or pocket doors to avoid taking up valuable floor space in your kitchen.

10. Make Use of Every Cabinet Surface

We all know that organization inside the cabinet makes for a more functional kitchen, but have you considered using all of the surface areas of your cabinet? There are several features you can add to the inside surface of cabinet doors to hang pots, pans, or cleaning supplies, and creating shelving inside an open cabinet space can create even more surface area to store and organize all of your essentials.

With the amount of time that families spend in the kitchen, you want it to be a place that is well organized and looks beautiful without constant cleaning and upkeep. By using some creativity to work around odd angles or small spaces, that can be your reality, and you can get the kitchen of your dreams with all of the space you need to make your daily routine easier.

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You really need to consider your lifestyle and how your kitchen is used. If you love to cook, items will need to be more accessible than if you cook infrequently.


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