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10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Live Larger


You’ve probably seen luxurious spa-like bathrooms on home improvement shows, in magazines and in model homes and dreamed of bringing that grand style and decadent scale into your own home.

Unfortunately, one thing that many of these rooms have that most typical bathrooms don’t is extra square footage. Even if your bathroom is spatially challenged, there are some simple design tricks you can use to make if feel bigger than it is.

1. Carry through.

Nothing speaks more about your bathroom’s style than the type of tile you select to adorn it. Whether you opt for modern glass, rustic wood-look porcelain, classic subway or a chic marble tile, carry whatever surface you use on the main floor though to your shower floor. This trick will fool the eye into thinking that you have more floor space than you actually do.

2. Eliminate bases.

A little visual space goes a long way, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to vanities. Consider a floating vanity (one that installs directly to the wall and thus floats above the floor without a base). Those precious inches of open space beneath the vanity can make your room feel more open and prevent you from stubbing your toe in the middle of the night.

3. Coordinate colors.

Tone on tone looks always make a space feel larger, and the tried and true color for creating this illusion in bathrooms is white. That’s because so many of the fixtures in bathrooms – from tubs and showers to sinks and toilets – are already white. White also reflects light, which in turn opens up a space visually. Not a fan of white? Try subtle shades of cream, gray or blue to achieve nearly the same effect.

4. Cut corners.

In a small space, you’ll want basic fixtures to make a big statement, so consider eliminating the bathtub (if you know you won’t use it much) and replacing it with a walk-in shower. If you can’t live without a soaking tub, consider a claw-foot version, since it provides the same illusion of space underneath that you achieve with a floating vanity. While we’re talking scale, don’t be afraid to opt for smaller vanities and sinks rather than taking up every square inch of floor space. A little open space can feel like a luxury and create the illusion that you have even more.

5. Resort to trickery.

When you want to create the illusion of more space, mirrors should be your go-to choice. Opt for a large mirror that makes s stylistic statement and functionally reflects the room. Mirrors are also an economical choice, since they generally cost less than the equivalent tile you use to cover the walls they occupy.

6. Use the walls.

Use the precious inches inside your walls to build in everything you can. You can recess medicine cabinets so they are not hanging out into the room. Create niches in the shower wall to hold bath accessories. You might even consider concealing the toilet plumbing inside the wall, as many contemporary models do, for a streamlined look.

7. Lighten up!

Bright task lighting is critical in bathrooms, which often lack natural light due to undersized windows. Bright lighting is also essential when applying makeup and/or shaving, so use this functional necessity to make the space seem brighter, lighter and larger as well. Use multiple levels and layers of lights – sconces and/or lighted mirrors paired with overhead lighting – to help eliminate shadowy areas that can make a space feel closed in.

8. Think big!

Just as one of two larger-scale accessories feel more opulent and purposeful than an array of knickknacks, a statement chandelier, large mirror or even graciously sized tile set on the diagonal can make your space seem larger than it is.

9. Cut clutter.

In a small space, a little clutter can seem far more disruptive than the same amount of bottles (or even tasteful accessories) scattered throughout a large room. Invest in good quality cabinet organizers to keep necessities tucked out of sight, and carefully curate accessories so that each piece has a purpose.

10. Look up.

Particularly in a small space, a tall ceiling can be your best friend. Consider a dramatic ceiling treatment – tin ceiling tiles, chandelier medallions, a vibrant, unexpected punch of color or pattern – or anything that draws the eye upward to create visual space.

What do you think?

Have you used any of the tips above, or any tips not listed to make your bathroom feel larger? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alice Kennedy Hunter
Alice Kennedy Hunter

I have a white n grey bathroom with mirrors and it looks much bigger and my lighting, i just upped the wattage n it made a huge difference. Love my small bathroom now.


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