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4 Kitchen Flooring Options You Need To Know About


Woman Mopping Kitchen Floor

Looking to replace your kitchen floors for an updated look? Then check out these recommended options below. After all, these floors will be under your feet for quite a while; you’ll want to choose new floors that fit your needs without creating too much maintenance and upkeep.

1. Concrete

There’s a new kind flooring in the kitchen, and its name is concrete. However, don’t expect the concrete in your kitchen to look anything like the concrete in your garage. Today, these floors can be stained, painted, patterned, and textured to look like just about anything. The downside is that, while concrete floors are incredibly durable, they should be sealed and waxed from time to time in order to prevent damage.

2. Tile

There’s almost no flooring more durable than tile out there: dropped knives, pans, or even hot liquids don’t stand a chance against it. If you do happen to crack or damage a tile, then you only have to replace that one piece. The downside to tile, of course, is the grout lines. Every so often, grout will need to be replaced and sealed again. Additionally, the grout lines can trap dirt or debris, making clean up a bit harder.

3. Vinyl

Many homeowners may cringe at the thought of vinyl flooring, but there’s a reason it’s so popular: installation is a snap, there’s basically zero maintenance, the material is highly durable, and the cost isn’t a budget buster. The downside, unfortunately, is the general appearance of vinyl. While vinyl can look great, it can’t match the feeling of other options.


Wood flooring is incredibly popular in kitchens: it’s durable, warm, and just looks great. Additionally, you’ll be able to continue the wood flooring from the kitchen to the rest of the home, which makes the space appear more open. The downside, however, is the extra maintenance. After all, you’ll need to repair the damage from dropped pans or knives.

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