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4 Simple Questions to Help You Design the Perfect Kitchen Island


White Kitchen Island

When planning your remodel, you need to decide if a kitchen island will be part of your design. After all, putting in or remodeling a current island can make your kitchen much more functional. However, far too many homeowners shy away from the idea of putting in an island because they fear the unknown. Their dread isn’t justified. After all, your dream kitchen island may be just 4 simple questions away.

1. What will your island be used for?

It’s your kitchen, and it’s going to be your island. Before you start designing anything, ask yourself what your island will be used for. Generally, a kitchen island can provide more food preparation space, a spot to eat dinner, an area for kids to do homework, or create more storage options. Think about which of these features is most important to you. In other words, think about why you want a kitchen island. Keep this key purpose in mind as you make design choices.

2. What will be under your island?

Just as important as the purpose of the island is what will be underneath it. If the island will be used for dining, homework, or a bar, you will need to sacrifice cabinet space for extra leg room. Likewise, placing appliances in your island will remove possible leg room and storage space.

3. How much room do you have for your island?

Many homeowners fear that their kitchen will be too crowded with an island. Thankfully, there are a few standard guidelines. Designers suggest that you leave roughly 3 feet of floor space around the ends of the island. Additionally, your island should have roughly 4 feet of floor space on each side.

If you don’t have an island now, or if you’ll be dramatically increasing the size of your current island, put some painters tape on the floor to show where the new island will go. Keep the tape there for a few days, and consider if you’ll be able to live with the lost floor space.

4. How tall do you want your island?

Kitchen islands are generally 36 or 42 inches tall. One isn’t necessarily better than the other; it’s entirely up to personal preference. However, there is always the option of adding a 42 inch tall bar to the back of a 36 inch island to get the best of both worlds.

If you’re really feeling stuck, consider hiring a designer. While it may seem a bit excessive, just think about how much time per day you spend in the kitchen. It only makes sense to spend the extra money to ensure that your kitchen remodel turns out perfectly.

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just like me, i love baking, I think it needs a big space to create that baking area..would it be too much?is it money wise..


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