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5 Household Chores You Have No Idea You’re Doing Wrong


For most homeowners, maintaining the cleanliness of their home is often one of the most difficult tasks. Depending on the size of your home, your household chores can seem endless. Many people don’t have much extra time on their hands to begin with, so maximizing the time you do have to clean your house is vital to getting chores done. However, there are several household chores many people are doing wrong without knowing!

By doing chores incorrectly, you’re costing yourself extra time and hassle. To get you on the path to an overall cleaner home, here is a list of household chores you might be doing wrong along with the right way to do it:

1. Putting your duvet cover back on

The challenge of putting a duvet cover back on is almost enough to make you not want to wash it in the first place. As if making the bed wasn’t bad enough, you will spend a good 30 minutes just trying to get your duvet cover back in place.

Instead, try the “burrito” method: place the cover inside out on the bed, lay the duvet on top, roll the two up like a burrito, open the duvet cover and put your hand inside, at each end pull the rolled burrito through so it is no longer inside out, then slowly unroll.

2. Organizing your refrigerator

Most people skip this chore because items get brought in and out of the fridge all the time from cooking, eating and grocery shopping. However, there are a few items you might forget about that can really become a stinker in the kitchen.

Start by throwing out any items that are expired or have gone bad. Then, adjust the shelf heights to be more compatible with your refrigerator items and group like items together. Find out more about organizing your refrigerator with our full post on it!

3. Cleaning your oven

This chore is a doozy – the self-cleaning feature on your oven takes hours and can leave your house smelling a tad funky. Instead, take care of spills as soon as they happen by pouring salt on the spill. Let it soak and cool down, then wipe it up.

4. Cleaning shower curtains and doors

If you have shower curtains: add a cup of vinegar to your detergent, then wash the shower curtains with it on hot and include a few towels. Don’t forget to hang the shower curtain afterward to try and avoid wrinkles.

If you have shower doors: sprinkle a dryer sheet with water and scrub the doors to remove soap scum.

5. Clean up your toothpaste for a sparkly sink

We brush our teeth every day – and should be doing so twice daily for squeaky clean teeth. Don’t let your sparkly teeth come with a dirty sink!

To get those annoying toothpaste stains off your sink, wipe them down with a wet microfiber cloth.

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