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5 Scandinavian Design Ideals to Incorporate Into Your Kitchen


What is it about Scandinavian design that’s so timeless? The modern and cozy contrast that Nordic influence offers has consistently been appealing. There’s no doubt that we have an undying attraction to the combination of function and fashion, and what better place to apply this principal than in the kitchen? Below are a few pointers on how to ele-gantly incorporate design techniques from the masters of minimalism, and make your kitchen the most inviting room in the house.

1. Open It Up

Concrete floored kitchen, white tile, island, hanging chair

Become a minimalist. Clear out your space and flood it with natural light. Ambient light never fails to keep the environment peaceful and positive, even when its overcast. This industrial chic kitchen perfectly demonstrates how to keep it clean and practical without sacrificing comfort. Notice how the furnishings are non-intrusive and nothing is over the top or distracting. Shelving is most often done in an open style and cabinets are likely to be smooth surfaced without hardware or knobs. It’s all about expanding the space!

2. Cool, Muted Tones

Hexagonal tile back splash, kitchen sink, white fridge, floating shelves

Neutral tones are soothing to the senses. They aid in making the room appear larger while also reflecting sun light. This tactic leaves no room for gloomy days. Let the base of the room be neutral, but don’t be afraid to strategically add lively accents and pops of electric color.

3. Elements of Nature

Wood table with potted plant, black cabinets, copper pots and fixture

Freezing temps force Scandinavians indoors many months out of the year. The solution? Capture as much of the outdoors as possible and bring it inside. One of the most favora-ble materials used for flooring is wood. Wood is a natural, living and breathing source that keeps the environment cozy and insulated. Another important element is greenery. Plants literally improve your health. No matter how big or small, they keep your home fresh by absorbing carbon monoxide and purifying the air.

4. Quality Items

Kitchen-grey open shelves, wood cutting boards on counter

Keep kitchen accessories to a minimum, and make the items you do own count. The idea is to let less be more. Don’t let knick-knacks accumulate over time. Hold off on that discount set of dishes and spend a little more on the sturdy, well made brand that will offer longevity. Instead of buying endless bargain pots and pans, save for that cast iron skillet that will last you a lifetime. Spend a little more up front to ultimately spend far less over time. Skip the synthetics and get in the habit of purchasing authentic items made from true materials. Peruse farmers markets and local vendors to find hand made, one of a kind items for your kitchen.

5. Add Textures

Wood table with teal finish, black candles, and black chair with sheep skin

Since furniture should be minimal and sleek, bump up the level of comfort by adding area rugs, pillows, throws, or even a plush sheepskin like the one pictured in this charming dining room above. Fill the room with things that make your kitchen the perfect place to unwind and spend time with loved ones.

How have you created a mix of function and fashion in your kitchen?

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