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5 Simple Kitchen Cabinet Hacks To Increase Storage


From making delicious meals to gathering with friends and family, you spend a lot of time in your home’s kitchen—and clutter is the last thing you need when you want a functional and beautiful space! Adequate storage is a necessity in any kitchen, whether you have a tight, gallery-style kitchen or an expansive, custom layout. For many homeowners, figuring out how to get more functional storage space out of their kitchen cabinets is a primary goal, and being creative with your storage options can help you avoid needing an expensive remodel just to find room for all of your kitchen gadgets.

So, how can you utilize the space you have in your kitchen cabinets and make your kitchen a more comfortable place to be?

With these simple cabinet hacks, you can find space for every pot, pan, and utensil, and save some money in the process. In fact, some of these hacks even work in rentals, which lets you get the most out of your space without causing issues with your landlord!

  • Add a Pull-Out Bin: Are you struggling to find a place for your garbage can or recycling bin? These items can be unsightly and bulky, so why not hide them in a cabinet! Turning one of your existing cabinets into a pull-out style cabinet can be done fairly easily with a DIY kit, and it will free up some much-needed room in the rest of your space.
  • Avoid the Mess With Pan Organizers: Stacks of pans in your kitchen add to a cluttered feeling and makes it difficult to easily access the supplies you need when cooking. Storing your pans vertically is a great way to overcome this common problem, and there are a few different ways that you can do this. For more ambitious homeowners, you can convert an existing cabinet to contain pull-out storage racks, but you can also use tension rods or pre-made organizers for a quick fix that doesn’t break your budget.
  • Create Easy-Access Drawers: The drawers in many kitchens can be a giant mess of utensils and miscellaneous gadgets that can’t be easily organized in a standard cabinet space. Solve this problem and make your cabinets more functional by adding a pull-out drawer or a simple, inexpensive drawer divider that organizes all of your tools and makes them much easier to find when you need them!
  • Make a Custom Spice Rack: In nearly every home, you’ll find a messy spice cabinet that is filled with tipped-over containers and poorly organized ingredients. Having all of your spices in one spot is important, but you also don’t need to take up an entire cabinet to do so! Adding a shallow, framed cabinet to an empty wall space is always an option, or you can make your own spice rack on the cheap with repurposed materials, utilitarian organizers, or pallets.
  • Utilize Racks and Movable Shelving: This tip is especially useful for renters who can’t make any structural changes to their existing cabinets. Basic, removable shelves, racks, and cabinet door organizers can easily be found for an inexpensive cost at most stores, and they give you much more surface space to work with when attempting to get your cluttered cabinets under control.

Just because you have a small kitchen or limited wall space doesn’t mean that you need to deal with cluttered countertops and overflowing drawers! With a bit of ingenuity and some DIY touches, you can increase the value, appeal, and functionality of your home’s kitchen in no time—at a price that is significantly less than a complete kitchen overhaul.

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