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  1. Benefits of Choosing Concrete Flooring for the Kitchen

    The beauty of concrete floors in the kitchen makes them one of the most modern and innovative ways to ramp-up the style in the space. Learn the benefits of choosing concrete flooring when you’re ready to remodel your kitchen.

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  2. The Best Household Plants for the Bathroom

    Plants are a gorgeous addition to your home, but you don’t have to limit yourself to only keeping houseplants in the main area of your living space. While it might not be the first room that you think of for decorating with houseplants, they are a great way to turn your home’s bathroom into a…

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  3. Small Kitchen Storage Solutions: Cabinets, Shelving & Accessories

    Storage is one of the most important features of any functional kitchen. Check out these tips on how to maximize space in a small kitchen.

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  4. Choosing the Right Corner Base Cabinet

    Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting project, and there are many different decisions that you are going to have to make during the process—from choosing appliances to picking out the right flooring to stand up to years of heavy traffic. One of the biggest considerations of homeowners who are looking to maximize the functionality of…

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  5. 9 Deliciously New Cookbooks to Try in 2018

    Wherever you live across the country, we all have one thing in common—food! While everyone may have their own favorite cuisines and meals to prepare with loved ones, more and more innovative cookbooks are hitting the shelves each year that allow us all to expand our kitchen knowledge and palates. Last year was a big…

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  6. Indoor Gardening Tips and What to Grow

    While snow may still be on the ground and winter winds are blowing, it may be hard to remember that the spring season is on its way! Although by this time of year many of us are dreaming of warm summer nights and farm-fresh food, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait a few…

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