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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2013


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2013Modern bathrooms are havens for relaxation and personal time, and the remodeling trends in 2013 reflect the notion of creating this mini-spa experience in the home. The lines, colors and fixtures in 2013 bathrooms create a luxurious space focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.


Showers are becoming larger and focused on a relaxing experience. Jetted showers are particularly important to the luxury shower trend. These showers have jets spraying water from the walls as well as from the shower head. The simplest to install have only one set of additional jets near the shower handle, but the most luxurious have jets all around the walls of the shower.

Other luxurious accents available for the shower include LED color changing lights for a chromotherapy enhancement, multiple showers and multiple shower heads. Use hinged, glass doors rather than sliders for convenience and an updated look. You may also consider a shower seat, stylish heavy glass for the shower walls, waterproof speakers and an MP3 dock.


Bathrooms today feature lots of light, including natural light. In past decades bathrooms had no windows or one small window, but now homeowners lot for lots of soothing light, with an emphasis on natural lighting. This light may come through windows, but it may also come through skylights.

Creative and personal lighting fixtures are also big news. Discard the utilitarian ceiling fixtures and add something interesting such as a bathroom chandelier. Plan for layers of lights in the bathroom utilizing wall sconces, shower lighting, lighting over the tub and vanity lighting as well as the overhead light. This gives lots of options for function and ambiance.

Natural, But Modern

Natural patterns and colors are the style for bathrooms, but they’re used in modern fixtures and designs. Look for a color palette of natural neutrals like cream, white, beige, brown and grey. Add just a pop of vibrant color in a decorative piece, a window covering or a wall accent.

Use natural wood or wood grain finishes on contemporary vanities and add quartz, granite or marble countertops for a natural but luxurious look. Wood tile is trending now as well. This flooring option features wood plank-sized tiles printed with high-definition images of weathered wood. They install like a wood floor, but are rated for slip and water resistance for use in a bathroom. Also look for modern twists on traditional options such as a simplified, streamlined vintage vanity, a modernized clawfoot tub and a wall-mounted, smooth-line toilet.

Luxury Touches

Add those little extras that really set your bathroom apart and make it a pleasure to use. For example, luxury vanities feature drawers with dividers, pull out shelves, and designs that maximize storage space around the plumbing.

Install a spa tub, a steam bath or a sauna. Look for spa-like towel warmers, a backlit mirror or heated floors. Think about tiling the bathroom from top to bottom, or use decorative glass tiles to accent and update the backsplash for a perfect finish to the 2013 bathroom remodel.

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Great tips as always.


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