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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2016


The kitchen may be touted as the favorite spot in which to congregate by most Americans, but at the end of the day, when it comes to finding tranquility and solitude, the bathroom still remains the ideal place for relaxation. As daily demands mount and the pace of life becomes more hectic, a dedicated place for rest is key to health and well-being. So it seems fitting that the place to find that getaway is the room most often utilized. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) have tracked these most popular trends in bathroom remodeling:

  • Spa amenities (steam showers, free standing tubs, radiant floors, heated towel racks)
  • Clean, modern transitional style elements
  • Soothing neutral colors
  • Open shelving, floating vanities
  • Built-in storage
  • Polished chrome finishes
  • Under-mount sinks
  • Universal design
  • Smart showers

All these features promise to bathe the senses in serenity and repose; you may never want to leave the confines of your rest room retreat! Even if you’re not looking to completely remodel a bathroom, implementing just a few of these appealing features can create the “haven” you crave. These luxurious eye catching bathroom remodeling trends will entice you to linger for hours in the privacy of your own sanctuary.

Bathroom Color Palette Trends

The bathroom is where the day begins, whether it’s to grab a quick shower or a soothing soak in a free standing tub with a cup of coffee. Color scheme plays a supremely important element when planning a remodel. Researchers offer abundant scientific findings that prove the effects that color have on mood. Neutral and gray tones continue to be the top pick amongst interior designers and remodelers to foster relaxation. A bright accent color can be added through accessories such as bath mats or towels and can be changed to suit the season or mood. Even though a crisp white bathroom will always be on trend, a calm muted palette will set the tone for valuable chill-time before rushing out into the busy-ness of the day.

Dark wood cabinetry accents blend beautifully with neutral bathroom colors and add a touch of luxury.

Bathroom Shower Trends

High-tech showers make singing in the rain possible with 120 multi-functional shower settings to suit your mood. But why install only one shower head when you can have three or four? These amazing new units let you set the dial for rain, massage or drench and allows you to invigorate or relax. Choose chromatherapy lights, steam or cool mist settings for an indulgent therapeutic spa experience, right in your own home. New Smart-showers allow you to connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and are designed to be energy and cost efficient, so you can get your groove on while you save money.

Shower benches are in high demand and a must for enjoying the bliss of the ultimate shower experience.

Luxury At Home Spa Trends

What’s better than going to a spa? Having a spa right in your own bathroom. Amenities such as heated towel racks, radiant floor heating, steam showers, jetted free standing tubs and a host of in-home therapeutic modalities make it possible to have the ultimate spa experience at your fingertips. Cabinets maximize storage and have clean contemporary lines. Guests may never want to leave your house with a bathroom like this.

BainUltra, a company based in Canada have designed the Vedana care unit (pictured above). It features 5 unique therapies (dry heat, chromatherapy, light, aroma and sound) that create an at-home oasis. Although this unit requires a little extra space, it seems well worth it, considering the benefits.

Tiny Spa Trends

These are a few ideas for creating mini spas when you’re short on square footage. A limited space can still evoke a setting that is tranquil and cozy. Lighting is an integral part of setting the right tone for a small spa atmosphere and needs thoughtfully placed natural light, canister recessed directional lighting and a few candles to achieve serenity in your space.

A soaking tub with fireplace, heated towel racks and radiant heated floors make for an ideal sanctuary. Dim the lights, pipe in some meditative music and wash away the cares and stress of the day.

Lighting Trends

All the senses are engaged at a spa, and now it’s possible to duplicate that experience in the comfort of your own home, (of course you’ll have to provide your own masseuse). Light or photo-therapy has long been used to effectively treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). “Happy lights” can now be installed alongside a vanity or a sitting area. Chromatherapy has become a popular treatment that uses various colored LED lights (i.e. yellow is hopeful and stimulating, green brings harmony, blue promotes tranquility and orange invigorates) to achieve the desired mood. Lighting can make or break a room; it pays to do some research or talk to an expert.

If the bathroom is mono-tonal, black or white, the use of chromatherapy can be a dazzling effect. The settings can be tailored to suit your every whim.

Ultimate Bathroom Trends

It was a known fact that actor Paul Newman loved eating cantaloupe in the shower. If you haven’t tried it, or if you have another guilty pleasure (like sipping mimosas in the tub) you can keep favorite snacks and beverages in your own wet bar. In 2016, it’s all about the amenities. You may be familiar with “Pimp My Ride”, and this is the same motivation for bathroom remodeling. The idea is to think in advance about planning the ultimate relaxation experience, and then kick it up a notch.

Radiant floor heating is the most ingenious invention since the toaster, especially if your home is back east, where floors feel more like an ice skating rink in the morning. Smart toilet seats, with lids that don’t crash down and have integrated bidet features are also high on the list. Humidity sensing fans, anti-fog mirrors, steam showers and towel warmers (which also heat robes) are all part of the package deal when it comes to planning a bathroom remodel that fulfills your wildest dreams imaginable.

Watching the morning news can be a decadent treat from the privacy of a jetted tub.

Transitional Style Trends

The NKBA noted a popular trend amongst homeowners gravitating towards transitional styles when remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens. Transitional style blends contemporary, modern and contemporary design elements that result in rooms that flow with clean lines and a tranquil feel. It’s a comfortable relaxed style, void of excessive accessories or fixtures; it’s both understated and classic.

Natural stone floors, traditional rich wood cabinetry, modern fixtures and a contemporary free standing tub are a perfect example of transitional style. Marble countertops and toe kick are rich elegant accents that tie the various features in to create a visually inviting room.

Bathtub Trends

The earliest historical documentation for bathing dates back to 3300 BC. The Dutch have been credited with designing the claw-foot tub in the mid 18th century. Every people group have their own history when it comes to bathing, it’s part of our design and seems to answer a primary need for restoration. More homeowners are leaning towards free standing tubs in 2016. There is a return to traditional style soaking tub with a contemporary design and modern features such as jets and chromatherapy lights. Once you sit in a tub like this, you’ll be a convert and see why so many are choosing this style. The design choice is part of a therapeutic lifestyle of holistic wellness.

Bathroom Shelving and Storage Trends

Open shelving is a chic trend that prompt the homeowner to declare war on clutter. While it may be easier to throw magazines, razors and Q-tips in a drawer and keep it hidden from sight, in the long run, open shelving can be just the right prescription to help pare down excess “stuff” that gets in the way and makes us feel stuck.

Decide what will be in open view, such as towels and soaps. Choose a few wicker or bamboo baskets that will serve as cool accents and house toiletry or cleaning products that you don’t want in plain sight.

There is a certain candor displayed with open shelving, and a freedom in accessing things that are most important.

Our Favorite Design Trends in 2016

These bathrooms were our top picks and incorporated three or more of the latest bathroom remodeling design elements. Note the clean open shelving, natural wood wall treatment and generous open shower area that help create a relaxed at-home spa. Ramp and trough sinks are still going strong and will continue to be a favorite in 2017. Sleek designer commodes and bidets are a European trend that has become increasingly popular in the U.S. Both natural and thoughtful, well-placed lighting is the crowning touch to this luxury oasis.

The warm blush in the vanity sink cabinet adds a degree of warmth that both offsets the darker cherry side cabinet and blends all these contrasting elements and making this a rich peaceful sanctuary. Chromatherapy lights in the bath complement the blue glass light fixture, dish and tile accents.

Bathrooms are no longer just utilitarian spaces. They can be viewed as the place you go for well-being, solace and rejuvenation.

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