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4 Fun Ideas to Bring Country Comfort and Beauty into Your Kitchen


Living in the big city can invite stress and busyness into your life. When you long for a peaceful countryside respite, however, you do not necessarily have to pack up and head out of town. Instead, you can enjoy rural relaxation whenever you want by bringing a bit of country to your home. When you consider these four fun and unique remodeling ideas, you can transform your city kitchen into a country haven that will give you with all of the beauty, comfort, and peace that you could want.
Country Style Kitchen

Countrify Your Walls

Perhaps the best place to start your rural remodel would be your kitchen walls. The walls can set the tone for the rest of the decor that you plan to use in this room, in fact. When it comes to bringing the countryside into your kitchen, you have a few options that could serve your purpose. You could repaint the walls in a color like light blue, green, yellow, or even basic white to set the stage for your country remodel. You could also use wallpaper that is patterned with blue cornflowers, sunflowers, rooster, cows, or other motifs. Of course, you could always paint and then line the walls with a countrified wallpaper border. Any of these options can help you build the foundation for the rest of the remodeling project.

Add Wood and Wood-like Fixtures

Nothing says country like glossy wood floors, sturdy oak tables, wooden cabinetry, and other fixtures made out of this material. Tearing out old carpeting and laying down real wood flooring or even faux wood tiles can go a long way in transforming your urban kitchen into the country-like haven you desire. Likewise, if your kitchen currently has vinyl or metal counter tops or cabinetry, you can likewise help the transformation along by replacing these fixtures with wooden ones. Finishing the look with a set of wooden chairs and a solid wooden table can also bring this step of your project to a successful end.

Consider Vintage and Wood-burning Appliances

An electric range can be a luxury. However, as you remodel your kitchen you should consider replacing your modern luxuries with vintage models, including those that burn wood. A wood-burning range, a gas stove, or even a pot-bellied chimney in your kitchen can add the warmth and comfort that comes to mind when you imagine the ideal country kitchen. You can find vintage models at your local flea market, as well as antique shops and stores that specialize in selling refurbished appliances.

Remember the Country Accessories

You can bring your country kitchen remodel to a complete and successful resolution by topping off all of your work with the perfect farm-like accessories. Red checkered tab top curtains hanging at your windows, a rooster wall clock hanging on your wall, and even matching cow and chicken salt and pepper shakers on your table can provide the ideal finish for a kitchen that you now can consider to be your country home away from home. You can find a great selection of country accessories at most farm and tractor stores, as well as online.

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