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Bring New Life to Your Kitchen This Weekend with These 5 Ideas


Country Style Wood Kitchen with White Cabinets
Beautiful kitchen cabinetry can make this room of your house the showpiece that will be envied by all of your friends and relatives. However, if your kitchen currently has dated and ugly cabinetry, you may wonder how you can breathe new life into these household fixtures without spending a lot of time or money. Updating your kitchen cabinets can be a fun and exciting project that brings out your creativity without breaking your budget. Using these ideas, you can create beautiful kitchen cabinets all by yourself and make your kitchen the standout room in your home.

Paint or Stain Your Cabinets

One of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is to paint or stain these fixtures. When it comes to painting or staining your cabinets, you literally have limitless options available to you. Most home improvement and retail stores sell paint and stain for very low prices. You can add texture and dimension to your cabinetry paint jobs by using textured sponges or course paint brushes during this project.

Add Lights above Your Cabinets

In addition to painting or staining your cabinets, you can bring new life to your kitchen by installing lights above these fixtures. Installing lights above your kitchen cabinets gives this room of your house a softer look. It can also give flat kitchen cabinets more dimension by casting shadows and adding soft color. Lights can be installed over cabinets with little damage to your kitchen remodeling budget.

Change out the Hardware

You would be surprised how quickly your cabinets can come to life by changing out the hardware on these fixtures. Taking off old hinges, doorknobs, and other hardware and replacing them with brand new knobs, hinges, and decorations can make your kitchen cabinets look entirely different. You can use gold or silver hardware or choose a softer look with enamel or porcelain fixtures. You can also jazz up your kitchen by using jeweled or colorful hardware that is now commonly available at most retail or home improvement stores.

Add Racks or Shelving

Giving your kitchen cabinets character and dimension can be done by adding shelving or racks to these fixtures. Wine racks, shelves for storage, and hooks on which to hang dishtowels or potholder can be installed easily. Even more, these additional items are sold for low prices at most popular stores today. You can enjoy having extra storage space in your kitchen while also giving your cabinetry a whole new look.

Add Glass Doors to Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a sleek, modern look, you can remove your old cabinet doors and replace them with glass. Glass cabinet doors make your kitchen look bigger and also lend a sophisticated, upscale appearance to this room of your house. Glass can cost a bit more than solid cabinet doors; even so, you can still buy glass doors on sale during the spring and summer seasons at most home improvement stores.

These ideas are great ways for you to add beauty and sophistication to your kitchen cabinets. You can choose any of these suggestions and add new life to your cabinetry without breaking your kitchen remodeling budget.

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