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Chalkboard Paint for When Inspiration Strikes in the Bathroom


Chalkboard Paint in the BathroomMy best friend and suitemate in college used to emerge from every shower in her bathrobe telling me her brilliant new ideas. Turns out, the shower was her prime spot for thinking. After a while, I bought us a waterproof notepad for those “Aha!” moments.

For every person who finds inspiration in the shower, there must be one who has epiphanies on the … toilet. This is why the bathroom at Canvas Pop, an Ottawa based company, is outfitted in floor to ceiling chalkboard paint. Yes, this is a workplace restroom! Staff members are encouraged to imagine, innovate, and design, so the space must be conducive to idea brainstorming everywhere. (I just hope people wash their hands before adding to the artwork!)

While this is an office bathroom, this chalkboard paint concept can be applied anywhere, including as a fun guest bathroom, in your child’s bathroom or playroom, or even your kitchen for your grocery list.

Chalkboard paint can seem daunting, but there are a variety of foolproof, easy to apply brands out on the market today. A few basic tips to keep in mind:

1. Start with a hard, smooth surface. The dryer and smoother the surface, the better the paint will adhere and last.

2. Don’t skimp on the brush or roller. A brush can be expensive, but it will last as long as you wash it with hot water between each use. A quality brush or clean roller will allow you to apply the paint with precision.

3. Most chalkboard paints are self priming (no pre-layer of primer needed) on smooth wooden surfaces, but if you’re on painting glass, other paint, or bare metals, you will most likely need to apply a primer first.

4. Use blue painter’s tape. Even if you think you have a steady hand, you don’t. Using painter’s tape will help you get straight, even lines, and even create shapes you want with the paint, if you are not doing an entire wall. You won’t regret following this step!

5. Once your chalkboard is ready to go and you’ve been doodling and drawing, keep a damp washcloth on hand to start over. I’m not a fan of erasers as they just spread the dust.

Are you now sufficiently inspired to incorporate chalkboard paint in your home (or even better, at your office?) Tell us the ways you’d like to use it!

(Photo via Design Milk)

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