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Kitchen Design Idea: The Corner Kitchen Sink


The Corner Kitchen SinkWhether it holds a teetering stack of used cereal bowls or rinses a tie dyed t-shirt, the kitchen sink is a well-used kitchen work space. As one of the points of the kitchen work triangle the sink needs to function smoothly as part of the kitchen traffic and work flow. So if you consider installing a corner sink, make sure the location and design will work for you and your family, or your new kitchen is going to be a source of frustration rather than joy. Here’s what you’ll expect after installing a corner kitchen sink:

Clear the Counters

A corner sink opens the possibility of long stretches of counter top unbroken by dish drainers, faucets and dirty dishes. This can make for a great kitchen workspace. It’s also perfect for a small kitchen that would have only tiny pieces of counter top if the sink were along a wall. The corner sink takes advantage of little-used space that may be wasted, since it is difficult to complete many kitchen tasks in a corner space.

A Chore With a View

Another feature many owners of corner sinks like is that they are often built with corner windows behind them for a great view. While many like this feature, others complain that it is difficult to reach over the sink to those windows in order to wash them.

Extend Your Reach

In fact, a disadvantage to the corner sink in general is the difficulty in reaching behind it for any reason. Some homeowners bemoan the wasted space, while others note that anything stored behind the corner sink is likely to get soaked. What’s more, those who are not as tall have difficulty even reaching behind the sink without a stool. If you put cupboards above the sink, they will be difficult for shorter people to reach as well.


On the other hand, the corner cabinet that holds a corner sink often has great storage space. You’ll need a corner cabinet that is lower than a traditional cabinet to hold a corner sink. Traditional corner cabinets have very little support, so be sure to ask for or build reinforcements. Once that’s done, your corner cabinet will have lots of room underneath the sink for plumbing pipes, cleaning equipment and oversize serving bowls.

Alone Again

When it comes to cleanup, a corner sink can be cramped quarters. It’s much more difficult to involve two or more people in dish washing chores at a corner sink. Also, unless you plan ahead during the design stage of building kitchen, it can be hard to squeeze the dishwasher in a a comfortable angle to a corner sink. For best results, try out the designs before installing your sink.

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Don’t put the dishwasher to the immediate left or right of the sink. Make sure you have at least a 12″ cabinet in between so you have room to stand at the sink when the dishwasher is open and being loaded.


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I wish if I could have read this post earlier my kitchen would look beautiful than what its now.


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