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Go Green! Eco-Friendly Bathroom Flooring Options


Nothing is more startling and disappointing then stepping out of a hot, relaxing shower feeling vibrantly clean only to put your bare feet on a dirty or uncomfortable floor. Bathrooms can be hard to keep clean, especially if you have a family, and the floor is often the most difficult area.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, now is the time to find that perfect floor. You want something attractive, of course, that goes with the other décor in your bathroom. However, you also want something comfortable to stand on, easy to clean and easy on the environment. Luckily, there are many options to choose from for environmentally friendly and completely functional bathroom flooring.

Repurposing Recyclables

Using a piece of trash to make something new and improved is the name of the game for being environmentally friendly. For most types of traditional bathroom flooring, there are eco friendly alternatives that can be used instead.

Take glass pebbles, for instance. This type of flooring feels great on the feet when you are in the shower. Luckily, for those home improvement buffs who keep the earth’s wellness in mind, there is pebble flooring options available that are made out of recycled glass rather than raw materials.

The same goes for ceramic and glass tiles, too. Both materials make beautiful, classic bathroom floors and are easy to keep clean. They are durable, too, and highly attractive. Now, there are options for ceramic and glass tiles that are made out of recycled and repurposed materials.

Good Ol’ Concrete

Concrete is used in many different application for green building. It is a simple material and easy to install and maintain. Don’t get turned off by the idea of your bathroom looking like a sidewalk or YMCA shower stall; concrete is actually quite versatile and can be made to look nice. Plus, rather than using traditional methods of keeping the concrete strong, you can find recycled aggregates like glass to have less of an environmental impact.

Once poured, you can spruce up and personalize your concrete floor by using it as a mosaic base, pressing pieces of glass and ceramic right into the material while wet. Add wood or grass mats over the concrete to make cozier spots in your bathroom. Concrete is famously easy to clean, regardless of what is spilled.

What It Means to Be Green

The only way to be certain that your materials are truly eco friendly is to do the research. Even if a company boasts its products are made of recycled goods, this sometimes means only a small percentage is recycled while the rest is made from raw materials. Of course, a product with some recycled ingredients is better than one with none, so you can choose your level of eco awareness based on your budget and preference.

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Nick Bartosh
Nick Bartosh

Hi Jessica,

This is a great article. Do you recommend any specific companies that sell these renewable materials? (Specifically the glass)


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