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Essentials for a Modern Desert Style Kitchen


The desert is a beautiful, spiritual place. You often see homes in the Southwest using bright colors that imitate the earth’s magic. Think deep, fiery oranges and luminous pinks, like that of a sunset. Natural beige mimics soft billows of sand and pairs nicely with true greens of an ancient cactus. Southwestern design is a trend that’s resurfaced and amongst home decor and has been reinvented to fit the in with modern design. Bring a bit of the old Southwest to your kitchen by blending native pieces with contemporary decorating techniques.


Colorful navajo runner, sheep skin on chair, wood table
Desert temperatures go from extreme heat, to frigid cold every day and night. Most homes in such climate are stocked with authentic textiles to keep you cozy throughout chilling evenings. Navajo rugs, hides, and other earthly textures make great additions to warm up your kitchen and dining area. This kitchen perfectly demonstrates how to emulate traditional southwest flair with a modern spin.


Cactus in clay pots, brown bottles
Bring life to your kitchen with plants! Fill terra-cotta pots with indigenous desert greenery such as small cactus and succulents.

Bones/Animal Skulls

Animal skull above white stove, wood floors, navajo rugs
Hanging animal skulls in the home is a long going tradition, especially in the Southwestern culture. Skulls represent protection, strength, and wisdom. Honor nature and desert wildlife by adding skulls and or bones to your decor.

Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee maker, hand made mug
There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot cup of joe out of a thick ceramic mug on a cool desert morning. Sometimes the simple way is the better way. A pour over pot is a straight forward way to make your morning coffee. There’s no frills or electricity involved. All you need it water, a paper filter, and good grounds.


Kokopelli symbol on wooden spoons
Originally a native american graphic symbolizing fertility, the famous kokopelli gets a bad rap from its typical overuse in poorly decorated homes. The kokopelli can still be done tastefully, just don’t go overboard.

Cowboy Paraphernalia

Wood back horse shoe wine rack
What desert inspired kitchen would be complete without at least one piece of cowboy memorabilia? Old horseshoes, spurs, and ropes can easily be made into decorations or functional kitchen pieces. Don’t forget about the guitar for when you need to sing those blues.

Traditional Cookware

Mexican clay pot on wood surface
Handmade items are a large part of Southwestern culture. Think of large traditional pots as art pieces. Wether functional or solely for display, clay and copper pots are a great way to showcase some of the earth’s natural elements. Try making your next batch of molé in a hand crafted clay pot.

How do you add Southwestern flair to your kitchen?

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