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Friday Fantasy: The Kitchen Inside House N


House N Minimalist Kitchen

This week’s Friday Fantasy is the kitchen inside “House N”, a stunning modern creation located in the Netherlands. Originally built in 1938 and serving as a holiday home, House N was recently repaired but keeping it’s unique character intact.

This minimalist kitchen made my jaw drop. The surrounding degree glass walls make the entire room feel like it’s outdoors. The ceiling is even made of glass!

House N Kitchen Side ViewI especially love the sleek chrome kitchen range hood and simple glass backsplash. Though the rest of the kitchen is not so easily replicated in your home, these two details are! Notice how the bright red wok is strategically the only pop of color. A similar effect can be achieved in an all-white kitchen.

Lighting in the kitchen is very important, especially under-cabinet lighting, but you’ll notice that there is the absence of upper cabinets in this kitchen. All the cabinet space exists solely on the lower half of the room, freeing up the space above and contributing to the minimalist look.

In this case, recessed lighting is extremely important. The four recessed lights placed above the sink and countertop should be bright enough for chopping vegetables, preparing ingredients, and washing dishes.

Though, if you can afford to live in this gorgeous home, you may not be washing many dishes at all! Share a link to your own kitchen or bathroom Friday Fantasy in the comments below.

As a bonus, check out the real centerpiece of this home- the bespoke lattice staircase. Truly a work of art!

(Photos via Design Milk)

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