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Find the Right Sound System for Your Kitchen


For those of use that love to spend time in the kitchen, weather it be preparing a meal or just hanging out, ambience is important. Listening to music, podcasts, or watching a cooking show in the kitchen can be frustrating when you’re struggling to make out the sound on your lowly phone speakers. We’ve selected a range of different products for you to peruse. Weather you’re looking for a small, simple speaker, or a more sophisticated sound system, check out these options below to bring your kitchen to life.

UE Boom 2 Wireless Speakers

Orange and purple logitech UE boom

The UE Boom 2 traveling Bluetooth speaker is an affordable option that offers fantastic, clear sound. Its youthful 360 design is fun and brightly colored. This wireless Bluetooth may be small, but it packs a big punch. This traveling speaker is waterproof and shockproof. Its intended use was for outdoor sports and activities, making it safe and durable enough to brave any challenges the kitchen may throw its way.

Williams Sonoma Bluetooth

Williams sonoma bluetooth speaker

The Williams Sonoma Bluetooth speaker comes with many wonderful features. It has a non-slip silicone base so it won’t move around on your counter. On top of its alluring design and vibrant sound, it also contains two charging ports and a speakerphone function so you can talk hands free. After the battery has charged the speaker is cordless allowing mobility. You can also purchase a stand that attaches directly on top of the speaker, which is compatible with tablets and other devices.

ILive Under Cabinet Radio with Bluetooth Speakers

Under cabinet mount radio

If you’re content with listening to the radio, the iLive under cabinet radio is an excellent fit for your kitchen. With built in speakers and the ability to mount to the underside of your kitchen cabinets, it’s an out-of-the-way system to play your favorite stations while you work in the kitchen.

KB Sound

In-wall speakers with control box

KB sound systems offer in wall/in ceiling speakers if you’re looking to install a virtually invisible sound system. This system pairs with any Bluetooth and has an FM streaming feature. There are several different remote controlled Bluetooth speaker kits to choose from. KB is leading in quality and Sound.

Sonos Home Sound System

This one extends beyond just the kitchen. The Sonos Home Sound System is the complete package. It allows you to control everything right from your phone. Choose songs, make playlists, change volume, and even decide which room you want your music to be playing in with the intuitive Sonos app. Sonos offers a few different systems down the line varying in price, all with incredible new age features.

Which sound system would you choose for your kitchen?

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