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Five Ultimate Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas


Pendant lighting and chandeliers are common in dining and living rooms, but if your kitchen is in need of an update, consider shopping the on-trend, gorgeous, and statement-making pendant lights on the market now! Pendant lighting can work in kitchens of all sizes, but most often it’s used to highlight an island in a spacious kitchen. There are five types of pendant lights that can do no wrong…read on below to learn how to incorporate this utilitarian and stylish element into your space today.

1. Glass Pendant Lighting

Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting
These warm magenta orbs add a futuristic feel to this ultra contemporary, stainless steel kitchen. Don’t they look like the planet Mars to you? The trick here is to group pendant lights; most designs look best in threes or twos. Choose colors that will offset whatever the dominant color theme of your space is. Or, go for classic clear lights that will subtly accent your decor.

2. Industrial Cage Pendant Lighting

Industrial Cage Kitchen Pendant Lighting
Sometimes, it’s all about contradiction. This kitchen’s “new traditional” look is a result of a classic country feel mixed with a glossy black wooden fridge and these cage pendant lights. The lighting feels bare and industrial, while the rest of the room is decorated warmly and with contrasting colors of black and white. This design is especially beautiful due to the iron chains that suspend the lights and sort of weathered feel of the metal. Very chic!

3. Paper Pendant Lanterns

Paper Kitchen Pendant Lanterns
Many might argue that paper lanterns only belong in a college dorm room, but we’re not talking about the Ikea ones here. Above, the colored paper pendant lanterns bring a whimsical, casual vibe to an otherwise minimalistic space. We love that the owner hung the lanterns at varying heights and chose two contrasting colors (red and green.) Because not a whole lot of light is actually produced by these lanterns, it’s best to hang in a kitchen that already gets a lot of natural light so they perfectly accentuate the atmosphere.

4. Basket/Woven Pendant Lighting

Basket/Woven Kitchen Pendant Lighting
This kitchen hits a home run with mixing textures. We see: marble, clean white wood, organic basket material, glass (on the table), and metal stools. Since the kitchen is mostly white, the varying textures don’t clash, and instead stand out as focal points. Here, the hanging basket lights are oversized, so just two is enough. What incredible juxtraposition!

5. Metallic Pendant Lighting

Metallic Kitchen Pendant Lighting
We know metallics are in this season in fashion, but this look is always classic in kitchen design. The gorgeous brass pendant lights above really pull together the room. Imagine the room without them. Boring, right? The lights really draw the viewer’s eye to the hearth of the room, which is the beautiful granite island countertop where family and friends can gather to eat, drink, and be merry.

Where are your favorite pendant lights from? Do you have any hanging in your kitchen now?

(Photos via Houzz, Design Shuffle, Z Please, Decoist, Free Sharing)

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