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Bathroom Design Idea: The Furniture Look


You can create a quaint bathroom vanity from an antique dresser or chest if you want to spend time searching for the perfect piece, transforming it, and possibly refinishing it as well. But why not take the easier raod, and simply alter a bathroom cabinet to make it look like a furniture piece, giving your vanity all the functionality of a bathroom cabinet combined with the look of a piece of fine furniture.

Carved Legs

To instantly give your vanity the look of a furniture piece, purchase carved furniture legs or detailed furniture feet from a home improvement store or carpenter.The legs can be ornate or simple and sleek, depending on your taste. There are ready-made furniture legs and feet in a variety of styles and lengths that can be cut to fit your cabinet. Finish the pieces to match the cabinet finish. Using these feet under a cabinets raises the vanity off of the floor for a furniture look. For a wide vanity, vary the heights of cabinets and furniture feet for a authentic look.

Recessed Toekicks

To take advantage of the bathroom cabinet toetick while still achieving a furniture look, use furniture-style molding to create a base disguising a recessed toekick. The molding makes the vanity look like a piece of fine furniture, causing the toekick to be virtually unnoticeable from eye level by tricking the eye into thinking the vanity is standing on furniture feet. What you will notice how easy bathroom cleanup is with those toekicks in place.

Decorative Moldings

Adding decorative molding between upper drawers and lower cabinet doors is another way of creating a furniture look. Using a wide molding at the top can create the deeper apron typical of furniture pieces. Combine the moldings with a base molding that includes false feet for a complete furniture appearance.

Search Stock Cabinets

For the most inexpensive, usable and practical way to create a furniture look on a vanity, search stock bathroom cabinets. Find one that is closest to the design you favor — you’ll find traditional, modern, contemporary and other designs. Stock cabinets are the best way to get high quality for a reasonable price. Once you’ve chosen the cabinet style you can add elements to finish the piece such as moldings, feet and hardware.

So achieving a furniture look with your bathroom vanity doesn’t need to require hours of searching furniture shops and antique stores or the expensive of hiring a carpenter to do renovations. Instead, use a few tricks to alter a bathroom vanity into a furniture-style piece.

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