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New Yorker Full Overlay Door Style

The New Yorker is a Full Overlay Door Style Option

Traditionally kitchen cabinet door styles varied in price based on the overlay.  Half overlay doors were inexpensive, and full overlay door style came with a high price tag.  With stock cabinetry manufacturers advancing their lines, you can now purchase full overlay door styles for the same amount of money as a partial or half over lay door.

The overlay refers to the amount of the cabinet frame that is visible when the door is closed.  A full overlay means that you will not be able to see the frame, a partial overlay means that you will see about a 1/2″ of frame when the door is closed, and a half overlay leaves about 1″ of the frame visible.

Personally, I love full overlay door styles.  It gives your kitchen cabinets  a  polished, clean furniture  look.  This style is certainly more modern, being as Traditional door styles featured a 1 1/2″ reveal.  However, if you select the right door style, you can make this feature fit well with any style.  One item to keep in mind when installing crown molding,  on full overlay doors, since there is limited frame showing above the door, it is typically necessary to install a 1 x 1 nailer on top of the cabinets and install the crown molding to the nailer using a pin nailer.  Additionally, full overlay doors do not leave space to open drawers/doors, so hardware is necessary, however their 1/2″, 1″ overlay counter-parts leave a gap between those items, so hardware is optional based on preference.

Partial and half overlay kitchen cabinets have been the staple to stock kitchen cabinet lines for years.  They have also been very prevalent in Traditional and vintage home designs.  These overlays are great when paired with a Victorian home.

In the end it all comes down to preference; as the manufacturers have made the financial decisions easier on home owners.  You can now select your door style and overlay simply based on how you want your room to look.  These simple guidelines should help you understand the difference amongst the three.  When you are selecting your overlay, simply make sure it will be cohesive with your door style and overall scheme for the kitchen.  Regardless of which you choose, your kitchen will turn out beautifully.

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