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Get Your Kitchen Ready for Fall and Winter with These 6 Tips


As the summer comes to an end, your attention may turn to getting your house ready for the cooler fall and winter weather. When it comes to preparing your kitchen for these upcoming seasons, however, you may wonder what remodeling projects you should undertake. You can keep your kitchen cozy and warm and also keep your energy bills as low as possible when you utilize these easy and practical weatherization strategies.

Prepare Your Kitchen for Fall & Winter

Weatherstrip Your Windows and Doors

Out of all of the areas in your kitchen, the doors and windows are primary areas where wind and weather can enter and cause this room to become cold and uncomfortable. You can stop drafts from entering your kitchen by weatherstripping the doors and windows well before the fall weather begins. Weatherstrip is easy to apply and readily available at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Replace Broken Screens and Window Panes

During the summertime, you may not be bothered by the holes in the window screens or the cracks in the glass panes. However, once cooler weather arrives, you will notice that your kitchen may become colder than other areas of the house. You can weatherize your kitchen and help keep the cold weather out of this room by repairing or installing new window screens, along with installing new panes. Your windows will be able to withstand the coldest of winter weather with these repairs.

Hang Curtains

You can finish off the weatherization of your windows by hanging lined curtains. This final layer of protection can additionally keep drafts out of the kitchen and also help retain the heat from inside the home. Your electric bill also could be lowered substantially when you hang lined curtains.

Lay Rugs or Carpeting

Even with your best efforts to keep this room warm, you may still notice that the floors in your kitchen are cold during the fall and winter. In fact, you may not look forward to stepping on a cold, hard floor each morning when you go into make coffee or breakfast. You can keep your floors warm and also make this room cozier and more comfortable by installing new carpeting or at least laying rugs on the existing floor. Runners, area rugs, and wall-to-wall carpeting all can help weatherize your kitchen.

Change the Filters in Your Heater

Before you switch on your heater for the winter, you should remember to replace the filters inside the furnace. Dirty filters can prevent the warm air from making its way into your home. When you replace the filters, however, your heater will work better and your kitchen will be warmer during the cold weather.

Clean the Chimney in Your Woodburning Stove

If you are fortunate to have a woodburning stove in your kitchen, you may be eager to light up that first fire of the cold weather season. Before you put in the firewood and strike the match, you should clean out the chimney in the stove. A blocked or dirty chimney will prevent the smoke and ash from rising from the stove. You can get a cleaner and safer fire each time when you clean out the chimney before fall begins.

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