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High Tech Kitchen Sink Faucets


Kitchen sinks are an area that can most always use some renovation. Rundown faucets waste water and can actually damage your sink and surrounding wall. With new technology emerging all the time and the latest innovative products readily available to us, the options can be overwhelming. It may seem like a lot of flash at first, but these futuristic appliances are investments that can make your life easier in the long run. Read on to find out what these smart faucets can do.

Kohler Karbon Kitchen Faucet

Kohler karbon faucet, orange background

Made from carbon fiber, this faucet is lightweight and incredibly strong. With 5 joints, the Kohler’s unconventional shape provides a large range of motion (extending 18 inches) so there’s no angle you can’t achieve. When all is said and done it folds right back into place and out of the way. With precision built into the design, the methodical structure allows you to control exactly where you want water to go. The Kohler faucet comes in different colors and mounting options so you can choose which design is right for your modern kitchen.

Spot Illuminated Faucet by Ndwelt

Ndwelt spot faucet

This radical tap contains touch sensors, an illuminated underside, and a retractable pullout head. Control on/off function and water temperature with just a gentle touch. The sleek L-shape design looks as though it was borrowed from the Starship Enterprise. Spot is a truly revolutionary product.

Tic Tac Faucet

TIC TAC folding faucet

The Tic Tac folding faucet by Rubinetterie Ritmonio is the utmost space-saver. The aesthetic is clean and simple, yet gripping. The functionality and artistic design have us all falling in love.

NOMOS Carlo Frattini

NOMOS faucet with attached touch screen

Say goodbye to leaky faucets. Italian producer, Fima Carlo Frattini has come out with the ultimate tool in water preservation. The Nomos comes equip with an electronic touch screen that allows you to control water flow, temperature, and set personal preferences. The device even comes with an alarm system that signals you if there is any sort of malfunction. This tap combines cutting edge technology with the comfort and ability to create custom settings.

Twin Line Drinking Water Dispenser/Kitchen Faucet by DECA

DECA twin line single base faucet

This dual action faucet rolls your kitchen tap water and filtered drinking supply into one base. The modish design couples wonderfully with the convenience of the product. The two taps are connected at the base, but both operate separately. The Deca would also be a suited addition to any home bar.

Which faucet design would you choose for your kitchen?

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