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How To Make Your Bathroom Safe for the Visually Impaired


People who can see well often take the ability to use the bathroom unaided for granted. However, the bathroom can actually be one of the most dangerous places in your home for someone who is visually impaired. When you have loved ones who are either totally or partially blind, you still want them to feel comfortable and safe while in your house. You can use these tips to remodel your bathroom and make it safer for your visually impaired family member.

Visually Impaired Friendly Bathroom

Use Bright Colors

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom safer calls for you to use bright colors in your bathroom remodeling. Hanging a brightly colored shower curtain, choosing vibrant reds, blues, yellows, or other colors for your wallpaper or paint, or even covering your toilet in a colorful lid and tank set can help a person with partial sight see the key fixtures in this room of your house.

Install LED Lighting under Cabinets and around Main Fixtures

Another way to make your bathroom more friendly to the visually impaired would be to install lighting under the cabinets in your bathroom and around the toilet, bathtub, and shower. LED lights are brighter and can be seen better by people who have partial sight. They can recognize the counters and main areas of the bathroom when you use this type of lighting.

Install Motion Detector Lighting

Your LED lighting also can be of more help when you install a motion detector to turn the lights on and off as your loved one enters and exits the room. This person may not be able to see the light switch to turn on the lights in the room. The motion detector can turn the lights on and off without the person struggling to find the switch.

Choose Soft Flooring

Because the bathroom can be such a dangerous place for a visually impaired person, you can make it safer by choosing soft flooring for this room. Installing rubber mats or lush carpeting can offset the risk that can come with a person falling on a harder surface. However, if you choose carpeting, it is also vital that you choose a style that will not snag or catch on a person’s foot and cause that person to fall.

Put in a Walk-In Tub and Low Toilet

Visually impaired people often have difficulties sitting on high toilets or getting into tubs that have high sides. You can make using both of these facilities easier by putting in a toilet that is closer to the ground and also a tub that has a walk-in door on the side. These fixtures make it easier for your loved one to use the bathroom without having to have someone help him or her.

Install Safety Bars

Another simple tip that can make your bathroom safer involves putting in safety bars. Safety bars with sturdy grips can prevent your visually impaired loved one from falling and also help him or her get out of the tub or off the toilet easier without needing help.

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