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How to Plan for a Doorless Shower


Modern Gray Bathroom with Doorless Shower

There’s no doubt that the next big trend for your bathroom remodel is an doorless shower. By ditching shower doors and curtains, you can open up the area, make the room feel larger, and instantly turn any bathroom into a luxurious space. However, creating a doorless shower requires more work than just removing the curtain. Without proper planning, the project may create more work that you’re able to handle.

Plan for Extra Moisture

You’d be surprised how much steam your shower door or curtain traps. As a result, you’ll need to think about the effect all that extra water vapor will have on the other materials in your bathroom. Make sure that all the materials will be able to handle it. Additionally, if you haven’t yet, now is the time to install a powerful bathroom fan.

Plan for Splashed Water

It’s difficult to keep water contained in a small area. Ideally, you’ll have 6 feet of space for the shower floor. However, you can still have an doorless shower in a smaller space if you use divider walls appropriately or if you the entire bathroom floor toward the drain.

Plan out Your Drain

With doorless showers, you’ll need to make sure that the water drains appropriately. Otherwise, it may spill out into the rest of the bathroom. Not to mention, standing water is a great way to slip and fall in what was suppose to be your luxury bathroom. Work with your contractor to make sure that your drain also meets local plumbing code requirements.

Plan for Less Privacy

Doorless showers may not be the best choice for large families. After all, no one else will be able to use the bathroom without the person showering being completely exposed. You can mitigate that problem with some walls, but they pretty much defeat the point of a doorless shower.

Plan for a Loss of Heat

Just like a shower door traps steam, it also traps heat. Once you switch to a doorless shower, much of that heat will be lost. Heated floors and towel racks can help combat some of that. If you have windows in the bathroom, make sure to have a professional energy auditor check them out for heat loss; otherwise, you may be freezing during cold winter months.

While a doorless shower does take a bit of work to create, most designers argue that the effort is worth it. After all, you’ll have a dream bathroom that will be the envy of the neighborhood afterwards.

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Daniel Bruce

It’s wonderful
as your other posts. Most informative & helpful. Keep updating. I am planning to repair
my bathroom this July and already ordered
shower glass from builderoutletUSA ,an online store suggested by my wife.Hope
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