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How to Rock Leather in the Kitchen


Leather is a primitive resource. Originally used by hunters and gatherers all over the world to make tools, clothing, and shelter, it has quickly become a favorite texture in the modern world. Over the years, humans have refined the process of leather tanning to transform it into different shades and textures, thus procuring an attainable, versatile, and timeless material. Leather expresses both masculinity and femininity, making itself a universal product throughout fashion and home decor. Since kitchen appliances tend to be cool by nature, try balancing the room with a bit of warmth. Below are some artistic ways to add an organic touch to your kitchen by incorporating leather.

Shelf Hangers

Floating shelves with beige leather straps, white dishes with blue pattern, baskets

Floating shelves are all the rage amongst many different design cultures. Hung by leather straps, these shelves add a contemporary edge to a bare wall. Display everything from dishes, to books, to plants with these floating shelves.

Cabinet Pulls

White kitchen drawers with leather pulls, plant

Leather may not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on kitchen hardware. Leather cabinet pulls however, are a great way to bring a soft and stylish touch to your kitchen cabinets.


Leather chairs around dining table, white kitchen, wood floors

Modern and functional, leather chairs are a welcome addition to any dining room table. It’s a great way to steer away from harder materials if comfort is what you’re after, while maintaining a matching color profile for your wooden accents.


Hexagonal leather coasters, white mug, and plant on marble counter

Flexible, soft, and undeniably trendy, these leather coasters are the rewarding product of an afternoon DIY project. Try out different shapes and colors to attain multiple sets.

Pendant Light Shades

Leather pendant light shade, brick wall, circular window

These light shades truly showcase the unlimited and ingenious uses of leather. Wether it be your lighting or your most loved coffee cup, almost anything can be adorned in leather.

Place Settings

Cloth napkin and rosemary sprig tied with leather strap

If you’re planning on hosting a dinner party, this is a delicately creative way to bring leather into the mix. These custom place settings are chic, practical, and easy to make, not to mention reusable!


Leather plant tag "basil"

Get crafty by making your own labels. Cut out bands or tags to identify fresh herbs, dried food goods, unlabeled bottles, or to add a personal touch to your favorite mug.

Skillet Handle

Leather skillet glove on cast iron pan, electric stove

Cast iron skillets have long been a staple of quality in kitchenware. Unfortunately they do come with one downfall; their handles get incredibly hot! Keep your hands safe from heat with this authentic leather pot handle slip.


Leather apron

This apron is a perfect accessory for your inner butcher. Keep your tools handy and your clothes clean beneath this grill master’s must-have garment.

How have you incorporated leather in your kitchen?

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