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How to Save Money Without Compromising Your Design


Investing in your kitchen can become very expensive, but it doesn’t have to.  Regardless of your budget you can make simple adjustments to ensure you do not over spend.  If you are working with a kitchen designer, chances are they have shown you what they believe will work best in your floor plan; however, their options may be more expensive.  Continue working with the designer to lower your costs, and you can follow these guidelines to select alternatives without compromising your style.

When you submit your measurements to a designer, more often than not, they will use a Lazy Susan cabinet in the corner.  This is an excellent cabinet for storage reasons, but it is also almost double the price of a base blind corner cabinet.  By swapping the two you will save yourself that extra bit of money that can be used for more imperative aspects of the kitchen.

Drawer base cabinets are sought out by many home owners because they feel they need a place to put their pots and pans; while this is very understandable, it is not budget friendly.  All base cabinets come with at least one drawer on top, and the bigger cabinets come with two.  Purchasing a separate, all drawer, cabinet can run you hundreds of dollars over budget, so purchase a standard base cabinet in the same size.

The truth is, the beauty is in the details, but those details are also not necessary if you are looking to spend as little as possible.  Crown moldings, roll out trays, and trash can accessories are perfect add on’s in the kitchen, but they can add up very quickly.  Keep your kitchen simple to stay within your allotted number.

Once you have received your first proposal back from the kitchen designer, work with him/her to get your cost under control if you seem to have gone over budget.  By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary costs without compromising the style and functionality of your room.

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Terence Villatoro
Terence Villatoro

oic! Now I get it lol took me a min

West Coast Flooring
West Coast Flooring

 Its amazing if your kitchen is 3D. You dont have to waste larger space to fill in your cabinets and tools and utensils. Plus your kitchen will look elegant.


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