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Five Steps to Installing a Gorgeous Mosaic Tile Backsplash


Blue Mosaic Tile Kitchen BacksplashI have a home/design-related excuse to my hiatus. During this time, my family and I purchased a condo. In it’s current state, it’s a blank slate. The floors are currently concrete, the bathroom is stuck in the 1970s, (when the unit was built) and the kitchen could use some MAJOR updating.

Thus, I’ll be embarking on project this summer to renovate the space enough to be adequate for a September 1st move in. It won’t be perfect, but rather a work in progress. Budget will play a huge factor in that the purpose of this space is to rent out, so keeping it simple and versatile is important. Obviously, the kitchen is always the most fun, so we’ve been shopping for a classic mosaic backsplash tile. In case you didn’t know, it comes by square, a sheet that’s flexible and can be cut to size with all the little tiles connected together in a pattern already. Many are very affordable, and surprisingly light if you select a synthetic material (not stone.)

Read on for a step by step guide for how to install mosaic backsplash tile for an instant update in your kitchen!

1. Measure your wall to determine how much tile you need, and where you would like it to begin and end. Utilize a straight edge to help you keep those lines straight.

2. Using a special wall tile adhesive, apply to wall in small area. Do not apply to the entire backsplash area at once, for it may dry before you have the chance to adhere the tile.

3. Carefully pick up your tile square, and make sure it is in line and perpendicular with the counter or cabinet you are adhering it near. Press it firmly against the adhesive wall, applying pressure from one side to another to ensure it sticks flat.

4. Mix your grout in a bucket, and apply it all over the tile, sweeping with a 45 degree angle motion.

5. Wait for grout to dry according to instructions. Using a clean sponge and a bucket of water, wipe the surface grout off the tile, continuing until all the excess is gone. Wait until everything is completely dry, then apply a grout sealant. Finally, apply mildew resistant caulk at the base of the backsplash (where it meets the countertop) to prevent future leaks.

There you go! Once we find the right mosaic backsplash, we’ll be trying this in our place, so check back for photos and updates! Have you successfully done this in your own home? We’d love to hear your experiences!

(Photo via Backsplash Ideas)

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