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Kitchen Cabinet Buying Checklist


Buying kitchen cabinets online is a simple and stress-free way to get the designer kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking to completely remodel your kitchen or simply update your cabinetry, there are a few things to consider before buying.

Part 1: Build a Budget

Cabinets are a large structural element and they usually account for about half the cost of a kitchen remodel. Many factors will determine the price of your new cabinets, including the size of your kitchen and the material you choose. Stock and semi-custom cabinets are ready-made in many standard sizes and are the most affordable option. They can be purchased either assembled or unassembled in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors. Semi-custom cabinets are finished only after you place your order, allowing for more options in cupboard depth and width. Fully custom cabinets are built to suit and are often equipped with integrated features including lazy Susans and pullout bins. The high cost of fully custom cabinets puts them out of reach for most homeowners.

Part 2: Choose Your Material

A quality kitchen remodel should last 15 years or more with only cosmetic upgrades. You can always change the paint or wallpaper, but the cabinetry is built to last, so it’s important to find a look you love. Do you prefer traditional country charm or cutting-edge modern design? Hardwoods including oak, maple and cherry are perennial favorites for kitchen cabinetry and can be stained in many shades to reflect your personal style. Hickory has a unique two-toned grain that is especially popular in rustic settings. Birch and pine are easily customized and affordable solid-wood cabinet options. Laminates are durable, easy to clean, readily available and less expensive than wood. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is reasonably priced, longwearing and ideal for painted finishes. Bamboo is a newer material that is light, clean, airy and environmentally friendly.

Part 3: Colors and Style

Buying kitchen cabinets online makes it possible to choose from a wide array of colors and styles. If you decide to go with hardwood, darker finishes add elegance while lighter shades brighten small kitchens and complement contemporary looks. Black and white are probably the most popular painted cabinet options, but European designers are rolling out kitchen cabinets in a variety of unusual shades, including citrusy lemon yellow or deep, dark red. Door style is another way to personalize your cabinets. Choose from a variety of framed and frameless doors in looks ranging from simple flat-front facings to intricate, multi-level designs. Glass-fronted cabinets are stunning in magazines and showrooms but are often impractical for daily use. If you love the look of glass cabinet doors, consider using them on one or two cupboards where you will display your fine china.

Part 4: Hardware

Put the finishing touch on your new cabinets with quality cupboard knobs and drawer pulls. When choosing hardware, it’s important to consider both form and function. Small, delicate knobs may look charming, but won’t stand up to heavy roll-out pantry doors or pullout bins. Try something different. In addition to standard metal, hardware is available in glass, ceramic, plastic, porcelain and wood. Brushed chrome handles are popular in modern kitchens, while antique finishes and cut glass knobs complement country looks. Don’t forget to add hardware costs to your budget. Some solid brass or nickel handles and drawer pulls are designer pieces that can run as high as $25 each. Expect to use between 30 and 60 pieces of hardware in an average kitchen.

Look for Quality Construction

As with anything else, it’s important to do your homework when buying kitchen cabinets online. Make a list of questions to ask your customer service representative. Take advantage of the design center to experiment with your existing layout or plan a new one. Order samples of your favorite cabinets and examine the quality of the materials and the color of the finish in the comfort of your own home. A few things to look for include solid wood cabinet and drawer frames, solid or swell-veneered door panels and drawer fronts and reinforced plywood cabinet boxes. You may want to inquire about adjustable or pullout shelving and self-closing cabinet and drawer sides. The wide variety of kitchen cabinets available online will make it easy to choose the look you want at a price you can afford.

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Franc Ramon

You should know what you like and be specific in getting cabinets.

Vic @ Business Tips Blog
Vic @ Business Tips Blog

Nice frugal tips. Nowadays, we should always consider both quality and the price of the things we need in our house and in our life. 🙂 Now that we can have a nice kitchen cabinet, the next is the food we eat. 🙂


Wish that I read this a year ago. It would have been a lot of help to us since we had to replace our old kitchen cabinets with new ones.

Rain De Ocampo

nice tips.  I’ll keep this in mind when we decide to make a kitchen upgrade! 🙂


Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m keeping this for future reference. I hope to own a decent place soon. 🙂

julie cassol

Nice quick list every one should have a look at before they go for purchasing cabinets. One more thing I want to share is that every one should keep in mind the space they want to implant the cabinet in. That will make their choice much comfortable.


Especially those are useful tips for me, because I and my husband decided to buy online kitchen cabinets. So I can follow your tips to plan about budget and everything.


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