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Kitchen Cleanup Confidential: Tips to Declutter and Organize


When you open your kitchen cupboard, do storage containers come cascading down upon you in an avalanche of plastic? Does your kitchen look more like a junkyard than a space that might be featured in the latest home magazines? If you think you may need a kitchen intervention, then read on for tips to declutter and organize your space.

Organizing kitchen cabinets is easy when you follow our first tip: be absolutely ruthless. Anything that you haven’t used in recent memory, get rid of. If it’s still in working order, give it to your favorite charity or thrift shop. If not, recycle it. But under no circumstances should you keep it.

Black and White Vintage Kitchen Design

Putting Everything in its Place

Consider implementing the six-month rule: if you haven’t used it in six months, donate it. Of course this rule can be bent for special occasion kitchen items (formal china or holiday serving ware), but it should be strictly enforced on small utensils and gadgets that are used less often.

Next: Get organized. Kitchen cabinet organizers offer an excellent solution for taming messes behind closed doors. Make a place for everything, and put everything in its place.

A great way to organize within the cabinets is to place lazy Susans in the more cluttered crevices — especially in the pantry or in cabinets that house spices, cleaning supplies, dry goods and mixing bowls. This allows you to take full advantage of limited space and to keep yourself clued in on what’s getting regular use and what isn’t.

The Right Tools are Organizing Essentials

You can also install organization essentials that free up valuable cabinet space, like pot racks, wine racks and even a wall-mounted plate rack, to ensure each kitchen item has a place of its own. A few strategically placed hooks can go a long way in freeing up drawers and cabinets that are filled with potholders, coffee mugs, kitchen utensils, aprons and more.

Kitchen Pot Rack and Hanging Plate Rack
Being organized doesn’t mean that you should be stowing away items that you use regularly. Instead, keeping these items easily accessible should be a focus point of your plan. As they say, when an item is out of sight, it’s likely to be out of mind, too. For that reason, you should group daily-use items together, perhaps creating a dedicated space for them. This kind of solution not only prevents your important items from being scattered throughout your kitchen, but it also makes it easier to find exactly what you need as you’re running out the door in the morning.

Organized Kitchen Design
And the most important suggestion? You can’t see items hidden behind cabinets, so ensure that you have plenty of cabinetry to keep all of your possessions out of sight.

Kitchen Cabinet Kings can help you beautify, organize and ultimately gain control of an unruly kitchen. You may not know how to organize your kitchen, but we do. And we’re committed to helping you cut your kitchen makeover down to size.


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