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Kitchen Design Must Haves for Foodies


When you remodel your kitchen, you want to end up with a space that not only looks great but is easy to cook in and has plenty of space for everything you need, from spices to knives. That can make for some difficult compromises between function and aesthetics when you renovate, especially if you are stuck with a small kitchen, an older home or a challenging layout. Not every space lends itself to looking like a kitchen from Top Chef, but there is a lot you can do when you remodel to make yours as user-friendly as possible. Here are some ideas:

Try a modular cooktop

Modular Gas Cooktop
Having a modular cooktop lets you have all kinds of cool add ons to your range. You can have a grill, fryer or many other options. That helps you not only be able to cook more of your favorite dishes indoors, but it also mean you won’t have to compromise on cooking methods if you like to play around with more complex recipes. And, you can tailor it to the design of your kitchen.

Use dividers for more than just silverware

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Keeping all your drawers organized helps you reach the things you need faster. You probably already have a divider in the drawer that holds knives and forks for the table. You can find dividers for almost anything you want to organize. It’s also a good idea to drop the knife block off your counter and store your knives in a drawer with a divider to free up countertop space.

Take advantage of refrigerated drawers

Refrigerator Drawers

The perfect solution for keeping things cold, from beverages to gelato, these are a must have for extending the amount of cold space you have in your kitchen. Try installing them under an island or in a cutout in your countertop for easy access. Some also offer an ice maker, which is a fun extra if you like making smoothies or iced cocktails.

Invest in a double oven

Double Oven

If you love to cook, having a double oven is a must. Not only can you have more space to cook in, but you can have two different ovens at two different temperatures, so you can make dinner and dessert at the same time if you want to. Try stainless steel for a modern look.

Get a stellar countertop

Gorgeous Countertop

If you really want to be able to leverage the countertop space in your kitchen, you need a countertop that you can prepare food on. Look for one that won’t stain or scratch. It’s also important to find something that can be easily sanitized if you want to be able to prep meats and seafood.

Use a butcher’s block

Vintage Butcher's Block

They’re a great way to add space into your kitchen, especially for prep work. Whether yours is on wheels or even mounted under your counter, you can use it to extend countertop space. Look for a model with drawers and cabinets for even more added storage.

These are just a few tips for a foodie kitchen remodel. The perfect kitchen for you depends on how you like to cook, as well as the physical space you have to work with. For example, if you love to work with fresh ingredients, you need to make sure you have plenty of space to store them at optimal temperatures. If you like to work with more complex cuisine, you’ll want to make sure you have enough power outlets, and that they are placed well so that your food processor and blender aren’t crowding each other.

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NIce tips, Good work done. These tips are very helpful while arranging the accessories.

Acadia Homes
Acadia Homes

I really like the refrigerator drawers! The double ovens are great as well. Had that in a home I lived in once and it was so nice!

European Sink
European Sink

These are some really great ideas!! Great post!! I love the idea of the refrigerator drawers…will have to look into those for sure!

Todd Bensen
Todd Bensen

Great pics! I really like that oven. Don’t have to heat up a huge oven when you are just doing a pizza, that would save on the energy bill for sure!

Xtreme Mats
Xtreme Mats

Great look indeed! and really helpful.


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