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Kitchen Resolutions To Keep In 2017


It’s 2017! And with the New Year often comes a list of resolutions. We’ve come up with some good habits and guidelines to practice in your kitchen so you can start your year off right!

1. Don’t Procrastinate

"JUST DO IT" on chalkboard

Most of us usually have that one project in the backs of our minds that we just never seem to get to. Weather it’s a DIY paint fix-up, cleaning behind the stove, or replacing a major appliance, just do it. It’s time to get it done and feel the weight lifted off!

2. Do The Dishes Before Bed

Dirty pots and pans stacked in kitchen sink

It’s very easy, especially after a long day to just say, “I’ll clean this up tomorrow”. Make it a point not go to bed with dishes in the sink anymore. Become better at cleaning as you go to prevent an intimidating mountain from forming in your sink.

3. Stay Organized

Pantry shelves organized with baskets, plastic containers, and jars
Provide yourself with the tools you’ll need to create easier access in your kitchen, and ones that will help you maintain a clean environment.

4. Clean Up A Little Each Day

Wood floor, broom, feet

Little tasks along the way can make larger cleaning projects much easier in the long run. For example, sweep the floors everyday, clean up any spills as they happen, and wipe the counters with a disinfectant cloth after every use.

5. Prevent Sink Build Up

Hand in orange dish glove cleaning kitchen sink with a blue sponge

Kitchen sinks go through a lot of wear and tear. Build up happens, and happens fast. Clean your sink on a regular basis to prevent mold, soap scum, and grime.

6. Plan Out Larger Cleaning Tasks

Woman's hand in yellow dish glove using orange microfiber clothe on counter
Create a calendar of cleaning tasks that should be done on a weekly and monthly basis to promote the longevity of your kitchen and appliances.

7. Keep Fridge Organized

Well organized contents in fridge

Don’t let food go to waste! Avoid spoiled food and unpleasant odors by keeping everything in sight and well organized. A good practice is to rid your fridge of any past due items and reorganize before putting new groceries away.

8. Donate

Dried and canned goods in paper grocery bags

Are excessive canned goods taking up space in your pantry? Take them in and donate to your local food bank. It’s important to help others. This is a small start, but one that will go a long way.

9. Take On Cooking Ventures

Traditional Indian cuisine on tray atop wood surface, bright pink cloth

Allow yourself to experiment with dishes you’ve always wanted to test out, and don’t be afraid to fail. Take on a challenging baking project, or maybe even sign up for an ethnic cooking class.

10. Treat Yourself

Silver kitchenaid mixer on wood surface, oranges, white mixing bowl

Splurge on something you’ve had your eye on. It’s important to give yourself a gift once in a while!

What are some of your kitchen resolutions for 2017?

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