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Hot Bathroom Trend: Open Vanities


The open storage trend may have started in the kitchen, but it’s since migrated to bathrooms, where open-storage vanities are making a big splash in bathrooms both contemporary and classic. Cutting-edge design is all about light, and open cabinets help capture natural lighting and expand indoor spaces. If you’re looking for a distinctive look for your new bathroom remodel, why not try one of these interesting ideas?

Big and Bold

If your master bath includes a long run at the end of the room, a symmetrical open vanity in a dark finish adds balance without overpowering the space. Combine two open cabinets with a solid center to achieve a bold but contemporary look. Matched double sinks, twinned mirrors and a white marble counter intensify the effect. Folded towels displayed in open boxes, baskets or even a built-in wine rack add softness and give the bath a luxurious spa-like feel.

Smarter Storage

Utilizing covered baskets to store small personal items can keep necessities nearby without creating clutter. Small matching or intentionally mismatched storage containers spaced evenly can add visual interest and break up long open shelves. Choose baskets or cloth-covered boxes in traditional baths, and enameled tins or bright plastic boxes in modern ones. Use a hue or pattern that complements the overall décor to pull the look together.

Traditional or Transitional

Richly molded hardwoods can look great as open vanities, especially with the introduction of decorative furniture elements. Try open cabinets finished in deep cherry or painted in ivory to create classic looks. Use brocaded or elaborately embroidered storage boxes and richly embellished towels to capture a feeling of old-fashioned elegance combined with contemporary flair. Use lighter storage against dark wood and dark against light to create contrast.

Small and Serene Spaces

Clutter is the curse of smaller bathrooms. It crowds limited space and makes rooms appear cramped and uncomfortable. An open vanity in a small bath creates the illusion of space. Pale finishes like bamboo or painted maple add a feeling of relaxed tranquility, especially when combined with natural stone. Look for openwork cabinets with legs that mimic the look of a small chest to open the vanity both above and below the shelving.

A Place for Guests

Open vanities work especially well in guest bathrooms that are reserved for only occasional use. Here, the clean, modern and minimalist lines of openwork cabinetry can really shine. Stainless steel towel-rods against a deep finish provide handy access to towels, and discreet baskets containing soaps, toilet tissue and other necessities help your guests feel at home while preventing them from exploring your cabinets and drawers.

From an expansive master bath to the smallest of powder rooms, an open vanity can increase the illusion of space and create a charming and airy retreat for you and your guests alike.

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