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Readying Your Kitchen for the New Wave in Lighting


A perfectly lit kitchen should always be – if nothing else – well-balanced. That is to say, perfect lighting should be available at the flick of a switch or push of a button. From task-lighting to accent lighting for features worth highlighting, a well-thought-out lighting plan provides the kind of attention to detail that distinguishing homeowners demand.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Following Lighting Trends Keeps Bright Ideas Under Budget

For years, kitchen lighting trends closely followed overarching trends in home design. And nowhere is this more evident than in eco-friendly and compact LED undercabinet lighting’s rise to prominence. Having quickly become a mainstay in kitchen lighting, LEDs can cast subtle, unobtrusive light to make guests feel at home while providing powerful illumination that’s equally effective at task lighting. You can also find incandescent and fluorescent undercabinet options, but these lights are generally less energy efficient and have a shorter overall lifespan than their LED counterparts, so make sure you factor in long-term energy consumption when choosing your lighting.

Tailored Fixtures Are Key to Quality Illumination

Don’t forget to consider the layout of your particular kitchen when weighing kitchen lighting ideas. Consider this: high ceilings require lighting that can provide illumination for the vast space underneath, so make sure you have the lumens you need. Kitchen track lighting offers a potential solution here, and this type of design is certain to keep large-sized kitchens flooded with light.

Brightly Lit Modern Kitchen
If you want to achieve the ultra-trendy matte look without completely renovating your kitchen and eradicating all shiny surfaces, a few lighting tricks may be the answer. Darker cabinets, counters and backsplashes may require a higher lumen output than lighter and more reflective color schemes. You can minimize glare cast by glossy kitchen finishes by choosing specially constructed light fixtures and choosing your lighting angles wisely.

Recessed Lighting in Kitchen

Create Dimension with Recessed Lighting

Selecting the proper color tone to achieve natural, soft lighting that still offers the brightness required for cooking starts with selecting the appropriate correlated color temperature (CCT). A good rule of thumb is to choose warmer CCTs (2,700 to 3,500 kelvins) for wooden cabinets and backsplashes and to select cooler CCTs (3,500 to 5,000 kelvins) for cool-toned or gray cabinets and backsplashes. This will help enhance the illumination of the counters without creating an artificial-feeling lighting environment.

At Kitchen Cabinet Kings, we offer you plenty of options to let the lighting you choose show off your kitchen. Our frameless RTA coastal cream 10×10 kitchen cabinets, for instance, gracefully reflect the glow of modern down lights focusing on work areas. And Villa Cherry cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Kings will radiate warmth that will echo throughout your home. Shop all of our available styles to find the perfect complement to masterful modern kitchen lighting.

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