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Replacing vs. Refacing Your Cabinets


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There is this urban myth that refacing your cabinetry is more economically savy than replacing them. Truth is, it is just that, a myth! Refacing your cabinetry MAY be cheaper, but often times it can become more expensive. Spending any money, whether it be a little to a boat load, doesn’t make sense unless it is effective.

Refacing your cabinets is basically replacing the doors and drawers, leaving the cabinet box as is, and sometimes refinishing the exterior. This leaves you with no room to change the layout of the kitchen, and it also does not include any modern accessories.

By replacing your existing cabinetry you are receiving them brand new, and you can play around with your floor plan. Maybe moving a few cabinets around to change the look completely. I think when you are taking on a remodel it is best to go all out; if you’re going to make a change, make it big! This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive; there are tons of ways to get new cabinets at low costs. By looking at cabinets online, you can even find new cabinets for lower costs than refacing your existing kitchen!


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