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Kitchen Design Idea: Sink in the Kitchen Island


Having the primary sink in the kitchen’s center island is the perfect choice for certain kitchens. When designing your kitchen, think about how you use your island and your sink to determine if the center island sink is right for you.

Kitchen Use

Consider first how you want to use your kitchen. Is your kitchen the gathering place in your home? Do you spend lots of time talking, helping kids with homework or entertaining guests while in the kitchen? Is your kitchen small with a tight workspace? Do you have no room for a second prep sink? If any or all of these characteristics apply to you, then a sink in the center island may be the right choice for you. Between prepping and clean up, many people spend much more time at the sink than at a cooktop or an empty countertop. Putting the kitchen in the center will allow you to have more interaction with others and a better work flow than you would have with a sink along the wall.

Other Appliances

If you do choose the center island sink, remember to design space for your dishwasher on one side or the other of the sink. Also, the center island will become your primary food prep area, so leave plenty of counter space to the sides of the sink for chopping and mixing. Undermount sinks work well in center islands because of their easy clean-up – wipe food scraps right into the sink without having any sink rims to catch small particles.

Design Choices

A center island sink often provides a great, efficient work triangle. Consider putting the sink off-center to provide more open counter space at one end or the other. Pull the sink to the edge of the counter to provide a few more inches of countertop for eating or food prep on the opposite side of the sink. A farmhouse or apron sink can save countertop inches over an undermount or drop in sink if space is tight. Also consider what is behind the sink. If the stovetop or refrigerator faces the center island, offset the sink from those appliances to avoid bumping bodies during food prep.

While some people have concerns about having a sink full of dirty dishes being the center point of their kitchen, sometimes a center island sink is the right design choice for a family. Use smart design to create a fabulous, functional kitchen with a center island sink.

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I think that will be useful.


You’re right – it’s an awesome idea! After all we tend to spend much more time washing veggies, filling pots with water and so on, so being able to face the kitchen rather than the wall is perfect :))))


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