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Slay Your Kitchen Decor Game With These 8 Statement Pieces


I walked into a friend’s home the other day and immediately noticed a quirky art piece hanging on the wall above his stove – a wooden cutting board in the silhouette of a donkey with a knife sticking straight out of it, suspended in air. It was the sort of thing that made me stop, think, and chuckle a bit. Needless to say, it definitely injected a sense of joie de vivre into his otherwise run of the mill, no-frills New York City rental kitchen.

In fact, statement decor is essential to a balanced and completed kitchen design project. You can spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets, countertops, and appliances; but, if you simply stop there, your newly renovated kitchen might as well be a model home showroom devoid of personality. Conversely, the most basic of kitchens can transform into charming, compelling spaces with just one of the additions on our list. Bonus points: some are functional and beautiful. First up…

1. Think an oversized wall clock

English country kitchen with stainless steel, rustic wood, and oversized clock
In the age of iPhone and Amazon Echo (hello, Alexa!) whatever happened to gorgeous timepieces? In the photo above, this English-inspired home in Laguna beach has beautifully crafted cabinets and state of the art appliances. But the real standout piece is the huge, distressed clock with Roman numerals leaning up against the wall above the range. We love how it’s casually flanked by vintage glass jugs and handmade ceramics, adding to the rustic yet curated vibe. Plus, you’ll always know exactly what time it is.

2. Say it in neon

Bacon has electrolytes too neon sign office kitchen with exposed brick wall
Tbh, this office kitchenette isn’t stylish in the least with its laminate countertops and cheap-o cabinets. But, the space’s divey-ness is embraced with the addition of a cheeky neon sign. This trend is popping up everywhere and there are even sites where you can custom order your own. We suggest rendering one in your favorite quote. The added lighting it provides doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Mixing in art on open shelves

White kitchen with marble countertops and open shelving with art and glassware display
These shelves are home to not only the prettiest coffee cups and champagne flutes ever, but blur the lines between form and function with framed black and white sketches casually leaned against the walls. When displaying useful items like plates and glasses, adding in decorative vases, flowers, and figurines can break up the monotonousness.

4. Jazz up the space between the counter (and often under the cabinets)

Pale, black and white minimalistic kitchen with artistic portraits
Admittedly, the light-filled kitchen above doesn’t need much help in the way of #slay. But, if you mentally remove the two raw and striking framed sketches, the space would feel entirely different. Decide on the vibe you want to convey (in this case the owners chose to extend the stark minimalism of the fixtures to the art) and hang pieces in the oft-forgotten space directly above the counter.

5. Wallpaper it up

White micro kitchen with bright floral wallpaper
This adorable micro-kitchen would be completely lovely and normal sans wallpaper. But, the addition of a colorful, Scandinavian-esque pattern lends originality and vibrancy. The key here is a contained pop of brightness contrasted with all-white surroundings, almost like a wall-sized painting hung right above the backsplash. Were the entire kitchen covered in this wallpaper, the effect would be overwhelming.

6. Decals for grownups

Sleek white and black kitchen with whip it good decal
Think of this as a temporary tattoo for your kitchen. (The Tattly kind, not the kind you covered your arms with in grade school.) This saucy decal serves as the perfect reminder to take life less seriously and have a laugh. When you tire of it, simply swap it out for another; these leave zero residue on the walls and won’t damage your paint job.

7. Duct Tape (Yes, you read that right) your appliances

DIY kitchen decor idea with gold duct tape refrigerator
This is the perfect DIY project for anyone with one of those ugly white basic rental refrigerators. Simply buy a roll of gold duct tape and measure out evenly spaced stripes. The result is an incredibly chic, preppy look that will be the standout piece in any kitchen. Don’t have the right type of refrigerator? You can do this to your white shelves, toasters, microwaves, etc. Just limit the effect to one appliance only.

8. Floor art AKA a rug is essential

Black and white country kitchen with colorful vintage kilim rug
We’ve waxed poetic about our love for colorful rugs on the KCK Blog before and their transformative properties. This kitchen would not be the same were another rug displayed, or no rug at all. Beyond being a focal point for the room, rugs prevent slipping, a real hazard in the kitchen. Just be sure to layer a grip-heavy rug pad underneath.

How would you rate your kitchen decor game? Will you give any of these ideas a test-drive? We’d love to hear your tricks in the comments below.

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In Stock Kitchens
In Stock Kitchens

I love the oversized clock and floor art (rug!). The oversized clock adds such a beautiful and especially unqiue element that most kitchen designs are lacking. And the rug is definitely essentially to help set the tone of the space and give people that “special vide” you want!

paisah davies
paisah davies

Timely ideas ! I was enlightened by the analysis . Does anyone know where my company could obtain a template CA BCIA 8016 version to complete ?


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