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4 Ideas to Get the Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen


Although 2012 trends are to larger kitchens, some homes simply don’t have the space for a large gathering space in the kitchen area. City apartments can have a space as small as 7 feet by 10 feet, condos often have a galley kitchen or a wall with kitchen cabinets, while in some suburbs, a 10 by 13 foot space is small for a kitchen. Whatever your space limitations, make the most of the kitchen you do have with these ideas for utilizing every corner of a tiny kitchen.

Make it Tall

Look using all of the space in your small kitchen, floor to ceiling. Order extra-tall cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. Remove any drop or faux ceilings in a small kitchen. Not only will it give you extra storage space, but it will also open up the room for an airy feel. Think tall and skinny when it comes to appliances as well. In a truly tiny apartment-style kitchen, use a tall and narrow refrigerator, a narrow stove stovetop with only two burners, and a narrow dishwasher, if you have the space. Think small for the sink as well. A single bowl, deep sink can hold a large pot to fill or many dirty dishes. Paired with a gooseneck, pull-out faucet, the sink can be versatile with a small footprint.

Add an Island

If you have a small kitchen with a little more space, consider an island. Even a small island can make a kitchen more workable by providing an eating area and more storage. Islands don’t need to take up lots of room; consider a triangular or round island with a small footprint.


Make use of every bit of space in your small kitchen. For example, look at hanging pots and pans for an attractive display that saves space. Also consider pullout shelves and organizers in cabinets and drawers. Utilizing every bit of space in a cabinet makes a small kitchen more functional. Consider extra-deep countertops to give you more workspace without significantly affecting traffic flow. Using a table that folds down is a great idea for your small kitchen to create a space for you to eat on and it folds down out of the way when not being used.

Lighten it Up

Use light wisely in a small kitchen to make the space brighter and to give the illusion of size. Consider under-cabinet halogen or LED lights to add space-creating light to countertops. If there is any way to add an exterior window to the room, do so. If not, consider a solar tube to bring natural light into the room.

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Thats why I see most in the movies they really have this small window in their kitchen. Of course I always see the kitchen’s color is lighter. But the now  I know that the window can add up something in your kitchen because of the light streaming out from it, right?


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