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The Anatomy of the Perfect Pantry


The perfect kitchen pantry design starts, of course, with the pantry itself. Contemporary kitchen pantry designs give you all the storage space you need, often times without compromising too much on precious kitchen space. You can build a dream pantry that matches your kitchen’s cabinets or go for something complementary when you order a pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble pantry in whatever color, finish and style you desire — all without hiring a contractor. But what happens after you install your ideal pantry, like a ready-to-assemble white kitchen pantry with all the bells and whistles? That’s when the fun starts. Explore these smart kitchen pantry ideas to learn how to turn your pantry from a cluttered catastrophe into an organizer’s fantasy.

Containers are Key to Clutter Reduction

Pantry Containers and Jars
Keep things contained with the right containers. If you choose a pantry with tons of shelf space (like this spacious and stylish one), you should have plenty of places to store all of your dry goods, including bulk dry goods like pasta, rice, flour and whole grains, plus your store-bought items like cereal and canned goods. Buy high-quality kitchen canisters for a clean, neat and organized way to store all of your dried goods. If you want your pantry to look ordered yet eclectic, store food in mason jars or apothecary jars in unique and intriguing shapes. You can also make sure everything has its own special place with a potato bin, bread basket or fruit bowl.

Storing Smart Means Extended Shelf Life

Food Storage Containers for Food Preservation

Another thing to consider when selecting your pantry containers, canisters and jars is food storage safety and food preservation. With produce, it’s helpful to remember that you should store things how you bought them — so, if your apples were sold in the store on a non-refrigerated shelf, it’s safe to say that they’ll survive in the pantry. Dried goods will last in any air-tight plastic container, while other items, like potatoes, onions and garlic, will do fine if stored directly on the pantry shelf. Put your bulk items in see-through containers to make finding them easy and quick when you need them, and opt for plastic kitchen containers that stack on top of one another to ensure that every square inch is used wisely.

Accessories and Tools Keep Pantries Neat

Organized Food Pantry
Select smart pantry accessories, like lazy Susans, spice racks and risers if you want to make storage space go further and if you want to maintain organization all the time. Pantry risers are helpful because you can stack a variety of store-bought items, like canned goods and boxes of pasta, without having to place them side by side so that you can read the labels. Additionally, shelf liners will help preserve the wood on the shelves of your pantry while adding extra grip in case you need to grab something quickly, enhancing the everyday functionality of the best room in the house. Some contemporary pantries are built with helpful storage features — like in-door shelving, built-in drawers, pull-out baskets and even included wine racks — to help you give every food in the kitchen its own special place.

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