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The Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Sinks


Gorgeous Stainless Steel Sink

When remodeling your kitchen you may think that cabinets, counter tops, and flooring may be your most critical decisions, and that’s fair. After all, these materials can represent a large portion of the remodeling budget and will be responsible for creating your kitchen’s aesthetic.

However, a good deal of attention also needs to be paid to the kitchen sink. Remember, your kitchen sink will be frequently used, dealt a lot of abuse, and needs to last for years to come. Below, you’ll find an outline of the basic options that you’ll find when shopping around for the purchase.

Number of Basins

Generally, kitchen sinks have one, two, or even three basins. Which you’ll enjoy the most depends on your lifestyle. Many people love the space a single basin sink affords. However, single basin sinks don’t multitask very well.


Designing a kitchen is always a process of balancing out space, and the kitchen sink is no exception. You need a sink big enough to fill your every food preparation and clean up need, but you’re sacrificing valuable counter space for every inch your sink widens. A good starting point is the sink you have now. Think back to all the instances you wish you had a larger sink. If this is a frequent desire, then get a bigger sink.


Generally speaking, most designers consider deeper kitchen sinks the way to go. After all, the deeper the sink, the more room you’ll have to fill large pots, hide dirty dishes, and wash produce without splashing your counter top. However, deeper sinks leave less storage space under the cabinet and cost more.


While options are always broadening, you’ll see mostly stainless steel and porcelain sinks while shopping around. Stainless steel tends to be the most affordable, but many argue that there is just no beating the warmth afforded by porcelain. In recent years, however, granite and natural stone sinks have grown in popularity. Just make sure that the material you choose can hold up to your lifestyle.


When talking about stainless steel sinks, you’ll also need to look at the thickness of the sink. Generally speaking, the thicker the steel, the harder it is to damage. Of course, thicker steel is more expensive and harder to form into a sink, so you’ll pay a higher price as well.

Picking the right kitchen sink really is a process. Don’t be afraid to shop around or drop a fair chunk of change of the purchase. After all, your kitchen sink will be heavily used; it’s a product you’re going to want to enjoy.

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