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This Underrated Detail Makes the Kitchen the Coziest Room in Your Home


Personally, I find the cozy yet chic kitchen to be quite elusive. Most of my friend’s kitchens are cozy, but charming rather than chic. Or, new kitchens nowadays swing too heavily contemporary. They are visually arresting, but cold and devoid of character. There’s one common theme I see in gorgeously curated homes – the presence of exposed ceiling beams.

It makes sense, right? Bringing the kitchen ceiling down lower provides an enclosed, warm, and safe atmosphere. From a cottage feel to a totally modern look, exposed beams are incredibly versatile. Unless you’re lucky and have them built directly into your home, they’re often forgotten during a remodel because people are focused on the cabinets and appliances. But, these architectural details: exposed beams, built in bookshelves, open shelving, etc. make up the bones of your home. Beautiful bones = beautiful home. The good news is that you can ask your contractor to build them in, or open up the ceiling to expose the beauty lying underneath. Get started with these 11 inspiring kitchens:

1. Farmhouse Fresh

Cozy white farmhouse chic kitchen with basket lighting and marble countertops

This sunny white kitchen would still be beautiful without the exposed beams, but the addition of them adds a refined, yet still rustic feel.

2. Earthy Minimalist

Cozy mountain house kitchen with exposed beams, wooden island, and cream cabinets

The exposed beams here are placed farther apart, which keeps within the minimalist theme yet adds depth and warmth. We also love how the backsplash is simply matte black paint. Just wipe stains off with a wet cloth!

3. Rustic Mountain Home (above)

Cozy mountain house kitchen with exposed beams, wooden island, and cream cabinets

This ultimate relaxed kitchen boasts lots of wall to wall exposed beams and a earthy butcher block island that’s perfect for hanging out.

4. A Contemporary Take in Madrid

Orange, black, and wooden contemporary kitchen with fiberboard cabinets and ceramic porcelain countertops

This is a departure from traditional exposed beams, yet this wooden ceiling grating accomplishes a similar vibe. The kitchen feels cozy but still sleek and ultra contemporary. Also, how cool is that tubular hood above the island?

5. Bungalow Micro Kitchen

Micro kitchen with green cabinets, exposed beams, and open shelving in bungalow

This Vancouver bungalow was built in the 1940’s and the unfinished ceiling makes this the ideal spot for family quality time.

6. An Industrial Oasis

Industrial and rustic kitchen with exposed wooden beams, all white counters and walls, and open wooden shelving

The plethora of exposed beams makes the kitchen feel comforting and natural. The minimalist white accents balance out the rawness of the wood and metal piping.

7. Glam New York City Haven

Glamorous kitchen with stained white oak flooring and striking light fixtures

This striking living and kitchen space is saved from being too cold and glamorous with the addition of subtle white ceiling beams.

8. Indoor Jungle Kitchen

Kitchen with indoor jungle, wooden exposed beams, and concrete floors

I’ve always wanted a jungle in my kitchen. The exposed wooden beams in this conservatory fit perfectly with the nature theme. Meanwhile, the concrete floors add an interesting contrast.

9. Palm Springs Retreat

Sunny open kitchen with wooden cabinets, sunburst lighting pendants, white exposed brick island, and white ceiling beams

The ceiling beams are painted white here to give a subtle effect that provides coziness without sacrificing visual space.

10. Eclectic Austin Farmhouse

Texas farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinets, marble backsplash and counters, and exposed wooden ceiling beams

From the blue cabinets and full marble backsplash to the vintage wooden island and sparse, raw exposed beams, this kitchen is a winning combination of styles. P.S. It’s where Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick live

11. Cozy Office Kitchen

Small office kitchen with exposed wood beams and indoor hanging garden plants

This Portland space included a renovation which included tearing the ceiling open to expose the raw beams underneath. We love how the beams are also used to hang vine-y plants.

Are you convinced that a kitchen with exposed beams is the way to go yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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