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Four Tips For Creating A Kid-Friendly Bathroom


When you have small children in your house, you must always keep their safety and wellbeing in mind when you approach remodeling jobs throughout your home. If you want to transform your bathroom, you may need to look beyond what you want to include in this room in favor of fixtures and designs that will be the safest for your children to use. As you approach your bathroom remodeling project with your children’s safety in mind, you may be encouraged to remember these key strategies as you go about your work.

Choose Non-Skid Flooring

Your children may love to slip and slide on slick linoleum or tile after they have a shower or bath. However, as a parent, you probably realize that this fun can soon lead to disaster if one of your children slips and falls into the tub or lands on his or her arm the wrong way. Rather than invite such accidents, you can avoid your children getting hurt by choosing non-skid flooring for your bathroom. Carpeting, textured tiles, and even rubber matting can be safer choices when you want your children to avoid slipping, falling, and ultimately getting hurt while they are in the bathroom.

Install GFCI Outlets

Your little ones may not give much thought to the dangers involved in getting water in or around the bathroom’s electrical outlets. However, if one of your children touches an outlet or gets an outlet wet, he or she could suffer devastating shock and damage to his or her body. Rather than risk such a crisis, you can instead install a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. This outlet will shut itself off if it comes into contact with water and prevent your children from suffering burns and shocks from accidental contact with this fixture.

Install Faucet Guards on the Sink and Bathtub

While you may supervise your small children closely in the bathroom, you would still fare well to install faucet guards on the bathroom’s sink and tub. With these guards, your children will be unable to turn the faucets on and off at will. Many kids love to turn on faucets and play in the water or simply watch the water run down the sink. However, this activity runs up your water bill and also puts your children at risk of drowning or falling in tubs full of water. With faucet guards, you can control the water flow in this room of the house and keep your kids safe from such accidents.

Include a Kid-Safe Step Stool

When your children cannot reach the sink to brush their teeth or brush their hair, they will take to climbing the countertops and sinks to see in the mirror. By climbing on these fixtures, they put themselves at risk of falling and getting hurt. You can avoid these accidents by including a kid-safe step stool for your children to use in this room of the house. They can see in the mirror without getting hurt.

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