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Trendy Options for Modern Kitchen Sinks


Kitchen remodeling is heavily influenced by design trends, and these trends are constantly shifting and changing with the times. With the ebb and flow of remodeling, vintage styles are often mixed-in with modern innovation, and you won’t find a better example of this than with kitchen sinks.
The sink is one of the most important features of the kitchen, but it can also be a bold statement of luxury and style. Like all kitchen features, sinks trends are always evolving, and a few of the most popular material options include:


Nonporous and denser than granite or marble, soapstone is a smooth and stylish material for sinks. While it is prone to nicks, it stands-up well to acids, stains, and hot water.

Granite Composite

When you want an alternative to stainless steel, without spending a fortune, this material is the way to go with its high durability, easy upkeep, and low price tag.

Copper Metal

Metal accents are popular in kitchens, and copper sinks create a stunning focal point that fits a wide range of kitchen styles—from traditional country to modern industrial.


Concrete sinks are available in premade forms and cast-in-place options, but either provides you with a durable, custom sink that gives you full control of the design.


Although it is a newer option on the market, NativeStone combines concrete with natural, raw materials to lighten the overall weight of the sink without losing its durability.

Which Sink Trend is Right for Your Home?

The options might seem overwhelming when choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your trendy remodel, but you can narrow-down the choices by focusing on your overall goals for the space. However, just because a material is on-trend doesn’t mean that it is the perfect choice for every home kitchen! To get a better idea of where to begin with designing your ideal kitchen sink, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How Will I Use My Kitchen? If your kitchen sees a lot of everyday use with a large family, you’ll have different needs for a kitchen sink than a household built for entertaining. Consider the amount of heavy wear and tear your sink with see before deciding which material is right for you.
  • What is My Style Aesthetic? Do you love simplistic, Zen-like details? Are you more interested in restoring a historic, country-style kitchen? Each material has its own individual look and complements specific styles, so keep in mind how your ideal kitchen sink would look in the broader picture of your kitchen space.
  • What’s My Remodeling Budget? Kitchen remodeling can quickly become very expensive, and you will have to make compromises when weighing luxury vs. functionality. If you are on a tighter budget, go for a material that is durable and cost-effective, such as granite composite. If you have more to spend, consider splurging on stunning soapstone, copper, or custom-stamped concrete.

You want your kitchen sink to be stylish, innovative, and on-trend, but most of all, your sink needs to be durable enough to provide decades of long-term functionality and value. By carefully considering your options and staying on-top of the latest trends in the industry, you can choose the perfect sink for maximizing the impact of your kitchen remodel.

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