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Unique Ideas for Stylish Bathroom Mirrors


We all know that a tub, shower, sink, and toilet are essential features of any home bathroom—but what about your bath mirror? As both a stylish accent and highly functional component of the bathroom, you need to choose a mirror that suits your taste, needs, and bath layout. While it is easy to just settle for a standard vanity mirror or medicine cabinet with mirrored doors, there are plenty of other ways to think outside the box and elevate your mirror to make it a stand-out addition to your bath.

There are many different ways to enhance your bathroom mirror, and most require a minimal investment. Whether you go for high-end luxury or a mirror that accents the industrial look of your bathroom, you can create a beautiful mirror feature by:

Suspending Your Mirror from the Ceiling

When you have limited wall space in your bathroom, adding a mirror can be quite a challenge. Instead of taking up precious area on the walls where you could add shelving or storage, why not get inventive and hang your mirror from the ceiling?

Using a suspended cable system to hang the mirror is perfect for industrial, minimalist, and artistic bath aesthetics, and it can enhance the functionality of the room by adding privacy in a large bath or allowing for back-to-back plumbing.

Turning Your Wall into a Mirror

Lighting can be a big concern in home bathrooms that lack a window or are smaller than the average size. To create the illusion of greater space and to reflect maximum light, consider adding wraparound mirrors to a wall or going for a floor-to-ceiling mirror feature!

While this type of bathroom mirror is the ideal way to maximize a tiny bathroom area, it also comes with its own unique considerations. Each mirror section will need to be custom-cut to your space, so it on the top-end of the price range. It can also be difficult to replace a mirror section that gets scratched or damaged.

Doubling-Up Functionality With Layered Mirrors

Do you want to make a big statement in your bathroom and have guests talking about your unique style and impressive decorator abilities? Then try layering your bathroom mirrors to create a double-mirror appearance! Both classy and creative, mounting a mirror on top of an already mirrored surface adds dimension to the bathroom and can enhance the reflective light in the space.

When designing this type of feature, look for a smaller, decorative, framed mirror that accents your existing décor. However, keep in mind that installation can be tricky—so you may want to leave this job up to the professionals.

Add a Mirror to Your Bathroom Window

For baths with limited wall space where you aren’t interested in a suspended-mirror style, there’s no reason that you can’t utilize existing bathroom windows to hang your new mirror! Place your bath vanity under the window in the room, and mount a mirror centered within the window’s glass for a look that goes with nearly any style bathroom.

While this is one of the most creative ways to dress-up both your plain bathroom windows and the overall look of the room, it can be a challenge to find mirror-mounting hardware that will work with your vision. You’ll also need to be careful in choosing a mirror that is the right size for featuring within the window—without fully blocking the natural light it provides.

Make an Impact With Multiple Mirrors

Love the idea of a wall of mirrors, but don’t want to deal with the custom-fit installation process? Get the best of both worlds by hanging multiple, framed mirrors in different styles on the same wall! With this process, you can create a vintage, classical look or add to the artsy, creative feel of your home’s bathroom, and with the right spacing, this mirror feature doubles as both a highly functional element of the bath and as a unique, decorative focal point.

Bathroom mirrors are essential for getting through your daily routine, but you don’t have to sacrifice creativity and style to get a mirror that works with the needs of your household! From repurposing antique mirrors to creating streamlined, industrial accents with custom-designed mirror walls, the potentials are endless for turning your bathroom into a stylish place that stands-out from the ordinary.

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