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Updating Your Rental Kitchen When Remodeling is Out of the Picture


Old world kitchen with rustic fireplaceYour home is your castle, whether you own your property or you’re renting a small apartment. Out of all of the areas of your home, the kitchen is one of the spaces that needs to be beautiful and functional for the comfort of your family, but what do you do when rental agreements prevent you from moving forward with the updates that you want?

Fortunately, there are countless ways to give your kitchen a fresh and modern makeover without the need for extensive remodeling! From temporary style upgrades to innovative storage solutions, we have the ideas you need to get the most out of the kitchen in your rental home.

Get Creative With Your Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important features of the kitchen, and one of the elements that has the highest impact on style. Whether you are stuck with plain white cabinets or have cabinets made from outdated materials, there are plenty of ways to spruce up this essential storage feature and get a brand-new look:

  • Replace old, outdated hardware with stylish accessories and keep the originals on hand for when you move out
  • Remove the doors from a few of your upper cabinets to create the modern appearance of open shelving
  • Use removable coverings, such as contact paper, to cover the worn-out appearance of your current doors (just be sure to test the product first!)

Turn to Nature for Inspiration

A tranquil, peaceful kitchen space can be hard to achieve with the stark white walls of a rental home, but you can fake it until you make it by getting creative with natural elements! Head to the garden center to pick out some beautiful potted plants to add a unique touch to your kitchen, or create a functional herb planter to keep on your counter for easy access to fresh ingredients and a stylish look.

Add Functional Design Elements to the Space

Are you lacking storage in your kitchen? Are you tired of trying to make a home-cooked meal without enough useable counter space? While solving these problems typically involves a lot of demolition and expense, there are several ways to get the functionality you need without permanent changes. Store-bought organizational tools can make more efficient use of your cabinets, and products such as baker’s racks, stand-alone shelving, and rolling carts can give you the work space you need.

Cover Up Obvious Eye Sores

There are some things that you just can’t change in a rental kitchen. From unsightly floor designs to an outdated paint color, it’s better to work around these issues creatively instead of suffering with the frustration of an unappealing space. Choose a stylish, easy-to-clean floor covering to hide ugly tile or vinyl, or create a unique picture wall with art pieces that speak to your personal style to start transforming your kitchen into a place you love coming home to.

Just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean that you can’t create a home that matches your lifestyle, personality, and tastes! In fact, with some creativity and a little ingenuity, you can take any drab, plain kitchen and turn it into a stylish, functional retreat that meets all of your needs—without causing an issue with your current landlord.

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