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5 Fun Ways to Brighten Your Kitchen with Color


White Kitchen with Bright Tiles
A neutral palette will always have a place in kitchen design. Neutrals go with everything, they’re easy to update with the addition of a few inexpensive accessories, and these mellow tones blend seamlessly with both cutting-edge and classic design.

For all of a neutral palette’s positive qualities, those plain Jane shades can leave a kitchen feeling either cold and industrial or lifeless and drab. In the room where you’re most likely to congregate for food and conversion, why not kick up a basic color scheme with a little burst of color? No one wants a kitchen that’s 50 shades of beige.

Here are five ideas for sprucing up your neutral kitchen with a beautiful burst of color:

Make a Statement with Paint

Paint is the fastest and most affordable way to update your kitchen instantly, and best of all, it’s completely reversible. Invest a little time and elbow grease and suddenly a bright statement wall appears to brighten classic wooden cabinets, lighten dark rooms and make the kitchen interesting again. Use a shocking bright to create an unforgettable exclamation point at the end of a galley kitchen, or paint a wall with many windows in a sunny springtime shade.

Terrific Tile Treatments

Tile has come a long way since the days of standard 4-inch ceramics in white or pastels. Glass mosaic tiles are available in a rainbow of jewel tones that add depth, painted ceramics and porcelains have an authentic Tuscan feel, and metallic tiles in gold, silver, copper and bronze bring a dash of bling. If you’re unwilling to completely retile or build a better backsplash, a border or accent line around your existing tile adds personality, flash and flair.

Get Colorful with Cabinets

Before you freak out, remember that no one is suggesting you go floor-to-ceiling in chartreuse or fuchsia. Instead, take advantage of today’s super-hot color blocking style by mixing and matching cabinet doors. If you’re lucky enough to have paintable cabinets, a weekend’s work is all it takes. If you’re completely updating your kitchen, consider adding a few doors that contrast with the over-all look. Pair a few burgundy, hunter green or royal blue doors with black cabinets and almost any pastel or bright with white.

Apply the Appliances

Maybe you’re old enough to remember a time when colorful appliances meant monstrosities in olive green, harvest gold or burnt orange. If you’re not, consider yourself lucky. Today’s appliance manufacturers have embraced color in a whole new way. Equipping your kitchen with major appliances in deep red, dark green or even more fanciful pink, sunny yellow or turquoise is one way to add bursts of beautiful color to an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Spice Up Your Island

The kitchen island: That not-so-peaceful oasis where prep and homework is done. Take this kitchen stand-by to a new level and add an explosion of color to the most popular seat in the house. Use cabinets in a shade that complements but contrasts with the rest of the room, add a bright Corian or colorful granite countertop, cover the outside surface in sassy 1-inch mosaics, or create a one-of-a-kind mural with custom-printed laminates or tiles.

Do you have any bright ideas for adding color to the kitchen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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