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Three Ways to Tie Your Entire Home Together


Redesigning one room at a time can become extremely challenging. You are flooded with ideas ranging in themes, colors, and genres. This can present a problem when trying to tie your entire house into one look. There are ways to insert your imagination into each and every room of your home and still have a fluid flow to your design.


Sticking to one color scheme throughout your home may become a bit monochromatic, but you can pick accent colors and place them sporadically. Metallics are a magnificent way to make any room pop. You can choose from pewter, silver, gold, bronze, etc. and purchase any odds and ends for your rooms. Light fixtures, center pieces, and picture frames are an inexpensive way to incorporate a tiny touch of similarity to your home.


Many home owners have a personal style that they wish to portray through their decorating; bohemian, traditional, and contemporary are just a few popular paths. If this is the remodeling route your are taking, continue the theme in different ways in each room. You can splash a bohemian print on your throw pillows, bath towels, and bed linens.


You may have an idea that you are so in love with, you cannot see decorating any other way. Don’t let others persuade you in a different direction. Commit to what you like and perfect the idea and concept throughout every room in your house.

Designing your home may not be an easy feat, but you will be able to create a lovely, livable space, reflecting your personal taste, by following these simple tips.

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