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Which Countertop Color is Right for You?


Kitchen Countertop Color Guide
From impressive granite to traditional butcher block or sleek stainless steel, there are countless options out there for kitchen countertops—all of which have their own unique style! Choosing the material that you want for your countertops is the first step in narrowing down the final look of the space, and deciding on the right color for your kitchen countertops is one of the most important parts of the remodeling process.

With the bold statement that counters can make in a kitchen, you want to choose well to find the ideal counters for reflecting your personal style and complementing the other aspects of your kitchen design. However, that can be easier said than done, and it helps to break-down the benefits of the most popular countertop color options to find the perfect option for your family’s home.

White Counters

White Countertop
White countertops may seem like a bland choice, but they can be anything but ordinary! The stark accent of a white counter can transform the entire look of the room, but there’s a trick to understanding what type of white countertop will work for your space. White-colored counters still have a great amount of variation, depending on the material and finish, and you can go for a white-based neutral finish or a stark white counter that delivers maximum visual impact.

Softly Flecked or Veined White

To avoid having your counters look too severe in your kitchen, you can find a variety of countertops in veined or softly flecked white. This style blends beautifully with shaker cabinets, knotty woods, and pendant lighting—giving an elegant touch to the room without a true minimalist appearance. Soft white counters are the ideal look for a variety of home kitchens, including:

  • Traditional and transitional kitchen designs
  • Kitchens with bright brass accents
  • Spaces where you want a bright, open look
  • Kitchen islands and dining areas

Pure White

When you really want to go for a big impact in your kitchen, you can create minimalist drama with pure white kitchen countertops. Stark white counters are rarely found in any natural material, and you will typically be choosing counters in a material like Corian or Caesarstone to get that look. Fortunately, this type of counter is durable, stain-resistant, and long-lasting—keeping your countertops shining brightly for years down the road with minimal maintenance.

Choose the beauty and impressive appearance of pure white countertops for:

  • Contemporary and ultra-modern spaces
  • Small kitchens in condos or apartments
  • Detailed kitchens where you need a neutral accent
  • Kitchens with bold blue or modern cabinets

Wood Counters

Wood Countertop
The kitchen is the heart of your family’s home, which means that you want it to be as warm and inviting as possible—while still being entirely functional. That combination of traditional beauty and durability is what makes wood counters an excellent choice for “homey” kitchens that feature classic elements. Wood cabinets come in a vast array of woodgrain patterns, finishes, and stains to meet your vision for the space, and they are ideal for:

  • Transitional kitchens that balance contemporary and traditional
  • Complementing natural wood cabinets in the kitchen
  • Use as an accent counter or contrast element
  • Formal or cottage-style spaces—depending on the finish

Dark Counters

Similar to the impact that you would find with pure white counters, dark or black countertops can create a similar impact on the opposite side of the spectrum. As long as you have adequate lighting throughout the room so you don’t feel like you are working in a cave, expansive lengths of dark countertops can make your kitchen pop and ramp-up the elegance of the room. Consider going with a dark countertop color for:

  • Sophisticated kitchens that feature a dark-on-dark aesthetic
  • Complementing white cabinets or off-white cabinet finishes
  • Acting as a contrast element in classic black-and-white styled kitchens

For those that want a softer vibe with the same dramatic appeal, mid-tone or gray countertops are a great compromise for many different kitchen styles.

Dramatic Counters

Stone Countertop
Stone countertops are a stunning option due to their natural variance. In fact, no two slabs of stone counters are the same! While you can find beautiful stone countertops in many soft, subtle hues, you can also choose an option that features bold veining and dramatic patterns. Just remember, the bolder you go with your counters, the more subtle you want to be with design elements elsewhere in the room! For a statement in the kitchen, dramatic veined countertops are the right choice for:

  • Large kitchen spaces
  • Primary statement pieces in the room
  • Offsetting the beauty of dark kitchen cabinets
  • An extra dose of visual drama

Every home is unique, so there’s no reason to choose an in-the-box option when it comes to your kitchen countertops! Whether you have traditional taste or an eclectic style, there are beautiful countertops available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and patterns to bring your vision to life—all you have to do is decide which direction you want your kitchen design to go in!

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