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What is a Stainless Steel Countertop?

Stainless Steel CountertopStainless steel counter-tops are counters that are covered with sheets of stainless metal. These surfaces often appear in sleek and modern kitchen designs.

Stainless steel counter-tops are counter surfaces that are topped with stainless steel. The metal provides a workspace that is both durable and sanitary. Stainless steel counter-tops are heat resistant, which means that chefs can place hot pots on the counter without the need of a trivet or hot pad. The metal is non-porous, which means that the surface will remain free of stains. Stainless steel counter-tops are easy to clean and sanitize, and they require very little maintenance. Stainless steel counter-tops are often found in industrial kitchens, such as those used in restaurants and hotels. They are also incorporated into many modern, trendy kitchen designs. Stainless steel counter-tops are more expensive to install than many other types of counter-tops, but their durability and easy maintenance makes them preferable for many homeowners.

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